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Monetary Personality Types. Spending And Saving Habits

And what do you need money for? But do not rush with the answer. Our relations with money are very different.

How do you manage money? Do you like to act from a call position or vice versa, bypass all risks and prefer to store canned food under the bed for a rainy day? Maybe you feel like a great combinator and you definitely need an intrigue? Or do you give more entertainment and you act out of courage, just for fun?

The taste and color of a friend is not, and any social phenomenon, including “money”, we perceive from its bell tower. The reason for this is money types of personality.

They define the basic needs and behaviors and are essentially subpersonalities that have their own opinion how to properly accumulate and spend money. Each of us has these types to some extent. Look closely at yourself, which of the monetary types makes decisions about money in your case. This will help to understand why you do not let Money into your life.

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1. Uncle Scrooge

He works a lot, neat and meticulous about the costs and investments. If possible, will walk on foot so as not to pay for transportation. Trembling with things, wearing an old jacket, although he can buy expensive things. His closet is never clogged with clothes, except that old. He prefers conservative values ​​and collects banknotes.
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Accounting, mathematics and analytics are elements in which he is comfortable. And no wonder – in this he practices every day. Adores his file, where the budget is scheduled. Cinema and restaurant will prefer a modest home dinner and TV. On the experience and experience of parents perfectly knows that life is changeable, and therefore is ready to deny yourself in pleasant trivialities and makes reserves. He does not like stresses, he values ​​peace and good quality.

Obviously, Scrooge was lucky that he can accumulate resources, while most of this has to be dreamed of. However, worrying about the future, he does not live in today’s day. He does not have enough joy in monotonous everyday life. He has few needs in addition to the desire to save. Therefore, the level of income often does not exceed a certain ceiling. And the only way to save is the strictest savings. And here Dragonfly can help him with her ability to transform a monetary resource into joy.

2. Dragonfly

The age of leaping Dragonflies is not long, so she needs to catch everything quickly, and that everything was bright and provocatively rich. The dragonfly does not look any farther than today. She is busy fluttering from one party to another. Constant change of scenery, buddies and hangouts – can there be something better? For Dragonfly money is a way to indulge your desires and whims.

Dragonfly, unlike the Shopaholic, is not unlikely to save money, but, alas, they often end in a fiasco. She honestly estimates how to fit into the budget and who to re-enter, if that. But Dragonfly is by nature subject to passions, and this negates its attempts to be prudent. She can save for weeks at breakfasts in rating cafes, delicious desserts and cigarettes, and then suddenly finds herself in a trendy restaurant, with a flourishing treat of friends. After all, in the end, it is for this purpose that money is needed in its opinion.

So what, and she can spend beautifully and in a big way. But she often has to get into debt. Because the chic outfit on the way out, the luxury limousine for rent and the fireworks cost money. On what only you will not go, then they would say: what a wonderful party was at the Dragonfly!

The indestructible optimism of Dragonfly often leads to a reassessment of its financial capabilities and an underestimation of costs. She has a huge internal resistance to weigh, evaluate her investments and costs. She also has something to learn from Scrooge. At first glance, it is boring, but its intelligence will help to avoid debts and finally acquire, for example, its own car, on which it is possible to travel remarkably.

3. The Money Lover (shopaholism)

He loves money, their number is not so important, the main thing is that they should be. He sincerely surprises, as a colleague managed to buy an apartment and go on a trip. He sincerely wondered where the money came from. And how can you put something off when there are so many sales around? Here already and bonus cards do not fit in your wallet.

The accumulation of money seems to be an unsolvable problem. As a rule, after the next shopping discount cards remain in their wallet in proud solitude. But the shopaholic just does not understand how to do without it. He needs shopping, for him it is dope to maintain a tone and mood. The words “planning” and “budget” make him terribly sad.

A characteristic symptom of shopaholism is the itch in the area of ​​pockets and the desire to immediately spend money, because you have already looked at such wonderful little things. A shopaholic likes to spend money on himself and generally enjoy life. And this is good, but there is one BUT … According to the studies conducted, the more we are happy, the more reasonable we are to the money costs. Moreover, our choice is realized, and we take less risky, rash financial decisions less often.

Active shopologism is not a sign of well-being. As a rule, behind this is a bad mood and a desire to get rid of it, displacing pleasant emotions from a new acquaintance. It is often an attempt to fill the void inside.

Yes, it can short-term improve mood, but then you need a new dope, and now you are already involved in a vicious circle of unnecessary purchases and senseless waste. And if you also have Scrooge, then you will not be envied – a permanent internal conflict is assured to you. On the one hand, a fast-paced excitement from “shopo-doping”, and on the other – a sense of guilt and regret. At the same time, the presence of the qualities of the Shopaholic and Scrooge can be a very beneficial combination if you can bring them to harmony.

How to do it? To develop the ability to combine their best manifestations – the ability to enjoy life and accumulate a resource. Golden mean. Realizing the presence of these monetary types in themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, you can see what you need to do and in what direction to move.
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4. Botanists

The world has gone mad, passion and profit have reigned. Everyone wants money, and he knows it’s dirt, and will not get his hands dirty. Well, maybe sometimes. The botanist lives in his own world beyond the limits of worldly vanity, where it is quiet and calm, and most importantly habitual.

Do not try to contact Botanic with a practical task such as buying building materials or fixing something around the house. He will tell you about the transience of this world and high matter, well, and this is not for him. The material issues discourage the Botanists and they prefer to hide from them. They belong to the category of people who can wear old things for years, not because they can not afford new ones, but because they simply do not think it’s possible to buy new shoes. They just do not see this as a reason, when you can fix your old favorites.

The Botanists are very fond of borrowing money, because they can not repay the debt, at least, certainly you can not rush to return. The botanist is still occupied with other matters. He is absorbed in his inner world, which is more real for him than buying food for lunch.

Botany is good to periodically get out of the world and see what happens in reality. It would be nice to see that money can be just an instrument by which you can call a master at home to repair wiring or solve other household problems. The thrift of Scrooge will help him save money, and the talent of Delz – it is profitable to invest them. In short, if the Botanist combines his spirituality with the understanding that money is not an evil, but the energy equivalent of labor, he will feel much more harmonious. And he will understand that the rich inner world does not exclude external wealth.

5. The Glorious Small

Everywhere he is welcome. He is literate and communicative, has many ideas that he can monetize. For a while he is playing in business and even involving his relatives and acquaintances, while doing everything joyfully and with pleasure.
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But then the Glorious Small often happens to be in a broken trough. It turns out that his partners, who have their own ideas about the joint business, behave unexpectedly “unsporting”, or simply throw it.

The nice Small, of course, is upset about this, but it’s easier for him to come up with something new and play with it further than to sue his “friends”. He has many ideas, and he will quickly earn money again, than he will be distracted by sad thoughts. He usually has money. The only problem is that the results of his activities rarely become something tangible and useful for themselves and the family.

He is always full of ideas, but only to bring their embodiment to the end it is difficult. Firstly, too many dragonflies and other “flies” stick to it, and secondly, there simply is not enough practicality and skills of handling money.

In order to still bring the plan to the end, he will need as partners Delec and Scrooge. They will finally calculate how much and what they have, and will be able to direct its creativity in the direction of creating a cash flow.

6. The figure (Deltza)

Refers to money with respect and knows how to dispose of them, while feeling at ease, can save money, and get a profit.

The features of Deltza will decorate and rehabilitate the financial life of anyone – from trash to miser. They will allow you to live comfortably until your salary, if you work for hire, and successfully develop your business if you are the owner.

The deferor lays out a part of the income, is competent in the field of investment and is able to choose the best investment tool. It differs in the flexibility of thinking, monitors the situation and makes timely deliberate and, if necessary, bold steps. His financial history is successful, assets are growing, opportunities are expanding.

These talents are not necessarily congenital or inherited. Scrooge and the Shopaholic can also become a delicacy. They have such a chance, if they stop and make conclusions in time. Dragonfly and Botanist, once again on favorite rake, can also join the world of financial magic and success. After all, they also have the opportunity to reassess their life values ​​and write a more successful monetary history.

Far from each of us can boast of the efficiency and luck of Delz. Usually a person has some dominant monetary type that makes decisions about money and largely manages his life in the long run. Our task is to come to a situation where we do not have unconscious scenarios, and we choose which roles and qualities to manifest and act out in life. And then we can take all the best: to be able to accumulate resources, to turn money into joy, to enjoy life, not to know the lack of ideas and to combine spirituality with material security.

It is not at all necessary to try to fight and suppress the energies inherent in different monetary types of personality. We need to interact with them, raising them to another level, so that this energy serves us. In order for our qualities to become ours, we must examine them – how these energies are manifested in our daily actions, where we lack them, what energy is abundant. As soon as we begin to control this energy consciously, it becomes our instrument. And we can use it for our own success.

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