Natural Anti-inflammatory Drugs

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Natural Anti-inflammatory DrugsInflammatory processes cause diseases in the human body. But when our body is not able to fight the disease using only the medicines, there are foods that can help with this task. Taking too many anti-inflammatories can cause ulcer, gastritis, cardiovascular problems and hypertension. To help the body fight inflammation in a more natural way, eat foods that give strength in the healing process of the disease. See what they are.


Shitake is a mushroom rich in protein and contains little calorie but has a high content of lentimana, nutrient that stimulates the production of white blood cells helps and much in the fight against inflammation. When buying the mushroom do not discard the stem because it contains potent betaglucan fibers, which can clean the body, eliminating toxins from the body.

Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil has oleocanthal, which inhibits the activity of enzymes linked to the inflammatory process. To take full advantage of its beneficial properties olive oil should be used cold, such as seasonings in salads and to flavor food already prepared.


This plant contains curcumin, an ingredient responsible for its pigment. The substance eliminates the biological mechanisms that trigger inflammation in the tendons and cause tendonitis.

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Ginger is a root rich in actives such as felandrene, zingiberene and zingerone, which act on inflammations of the upper airways, causing bronchitis, sinusitis and asthma. It acts as a natural remedy for expectorating phlegm. Selenium mineral is another powerful source of ginger because it acts on the anti-inflammatory action and still has the substance gingerol, which contains analgesic properties.

Sweet potato

This tuber has low glycemic acid and contributes to the reduction of inflammation. Any food with a high glycemic load contributes to increase inflammation because it leaves the body’s pH higher, a full plate to increase the proliferation of harmful fungi and bacteria. Because it is rich in fiber, sweet potatoes are great for increasing the presence of microorganisms in the gut, thus preventing irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis.
Natural Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Flaxseed, chia and salmon

All three foods are rich in Omega 3, a fatty acid that greatly decreases the production and activities of prostaglandins, substances that accentuate inflammation.


Garlic is very effective in combating inflammation by possessing allicin and alina, which are antioxidant substances capable of reducing inflammation, in addition they are great in combating the virus and free radicals.
Natural Anti-inflammatory Drugs
An advice
If you want to use foods to fight inflammation, try not to eat other foods that contribute to inflammation. Foods with a lot of refined carbohydrate, such as sugar, wheat flour, pasta, breads and cakes should be scratched from the diet. Also avoid soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and coffee.

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