Natural Treatment Methods for Depression

Despite the fact that antidepressants and therapy are common methods of treatment of depression, there is also non-drug support for this disease, through which you can overcome depression naturally. For example, by radically changing the habitual way of life – healthy diet and habits, exercise – you can more effectively combat depression.

Natural methods will help to get rid of the mild form of depression. If we talk about its other forms, then these methods can serve as additional elements in the general course of treatment.

In those cases when drug treatment and therapy is not enough, then strengthening their effect through natural methods, the patient will very soon set foot on the path of recovery.

Accustom yourself to the monotony in order to overcome depression more quickly.
If you are depressed or depressed, you need a routine.

Depression takes away from you the dimension of your day, allowing one day to smoothly flow into another. This feeling of confusion can also aggravate your condition.

Carrying out psychotherapy.

One of the most effective methods to get rid of depression is psychotherapy. The main task of this method is to reduce anxiety, change the negative perception of the surrounding world, find a positive future for a person in depression.

As a rule, the method of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy is used to treat this disease. Sometimes depression treatment is possible with the participation of a therapist on-line.

Compliance with diet.

Compliance with diet in the treatment of depression. The introduction of changes in the habitual diet and nutrition culture can significantly affect the level of mood. After all, some foods contain mild natural antidepressants.

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Use of herbal medicine.

Very many plants that are used to treat disorders related to the emotional sphere (chamomile, peppermint, valerian extract, hops, lily of the valley, lemon balm, elderberry, hawthorn) have a sedative and anti-anxiety effect and can help in the treatment of major “depression satellites” – violation sleep and anxiety.

Nevertheless, they have absolutely no influence on the process of metabolism, which is responsible for maintaining a stable good mood. However, there is a plant that has an antidepressant effect, which is proved experimentally, this is St. John’s wort.

Changing the way of life.

Changing lifestyle in the treatment of depression – exercise, hobbies, aerobics, yoga, creative activities, meditation can also significantly affect the positive mood.

Application of light therapy.

It has long been proven that the level of solar illumination is one of the factors of this disease. Consequently, the treatment of depression in some cases is accompanied by special light treatment.

Psychiatrists recommend spending their holidays in regions with greater daily illumination in periods most dangerous for the development of seasonal depression – early spring, late autumn and winter.

Electroconvulsive therapy.

This method is used when other means do not help. Electroconvulsive therapy is very effective, however, it is not very popular in our country. The essence of this method of treatment is the use of a safe current pulse, which causes a convulsive attack.

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The treatment is done under anesthesia and the patient does not feel anything. Despite the terrible description, electroconvulsive therapy is prescribed for pregnant and lactating women, since it is considered the safest in comparison with antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs.

Today doctors place great hopes on an entirely new way of treating the electromagnetic field. The fact is that the electromagnetic field is able to penetrate the brain and purposefully affect the parts of the brain that are responsible for the emotional state of a person.

How should you paint your day to alleviate the symptoms of depression naturally.

1. Physical exercises.

A lot of research on this issue has proved that physical activities allow you to cheer up. But how long does it take to practice? Of course, for a good mood there is no need to run a marathon, there will be enough 30-minute sessions several times a week.

At the same time, overly intensive sports will not bring you the desired result. There is not much difference in what kind of exercise you choose to improve your mood. If it were a question of the heart, the cardiologist would advise you to do aerobics, but in the case of depression, it will be enough to walk.
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2. Feeding.

There is no special diet during depression, but a healthy diet has a big impact on the healing process. As McKinnon says, you do not need to stick to a certain diet, just watch what you eat. Nutrition plays an important role in the healing process.

This is the same as, for example, rehabilitation after a serious injury, without a balanced supply of drugs can not work at full strength. You also need to remember a few things: do not forget to ask the doctor if the medication will not cause weight gain.

If so, you may need to carefully review your diet. If depression is caused by eating disorders – for example, anorexia or a persistent overeating – then you need the help of a nutritionist.

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3. Dream.

Despite the fact that sleep disturbance is one of the symptoms of depression, it can worsen the disease itself. Some people with depression feel drowsy. The majority suffers from insomnia. In both cases, you can not leave these problems unattended.

If you lie in bed, ordering yourself to fall asleep, this will not help you. One of the key points to recovery is a sound and healthy sleep. Try to go to bed and wake up in the morning at the same time. Try not to sleep during the day. Remove all annoying objects from the bedroom – for example, a computer and a TV.

4. Objectives.

To help yourself recover faster from depression, you must achieve your goals. But the secret lies in being able to put before yourself an achievable task – one that you can really accomplish throughout the day. If you write 20 pages of upcoming tasks, this will help you a little.

If you can not set yourself a goal, Cook advises you to ask for help from your therapist, relative or friend. These people will help you correctly prioritize and break one big task into several small ones that will be easier to accomplish.

5. Responsibility.

When you are depressed, you have a desire to escape – to give up all your responsibilities both at home and at work. But you have to fight this feeling. Activity and the performance of daily duties can also serve as a natural method of treatment.

They give you the ground under your feet and a sense of accomplishment. But do not overdo it. If you are not yet ready to return to school or work, this is normal.

Think about the possibility of transferring to the floor rates. Or, if it’s a lot, about volunteering. No matter what kind of work you did in volunteer clubs, the important thing is, you left the house and did something. This will give you the feeling that the day was lived in vain.

6. Relaxation.

Do not think that relaxation will come to you by itself. If you want to relax or have some fun, plan it.

And in conclusion I want to note that the most effective is the integrated approach. To completely cure depression, try to use all the methods of non-drug treatment described in this article and remember, nothing lasts forever, everything changes with time. Your depression will not last forever.

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