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What Do You Need To Know About The Modern World Of A Teenage Girl?

The world is changing, and with it people, rules, foundations change, so it is important to adjust to modern realities. What is it worth to know about the modern world of a teenage girl?

1. Choosing a future profession.

What Do You Need To Know About The Modern World Of A Teenage Girl?We will not now talk about which professions are in greater demand or how to choose a profession to their liking. Let’s talk about reality. In today’s world, the competition is several times higher than it was at the time of your mom and grandmother’s youth, so you should choose a profession to which there is a real talent, which is easy and does not require any effort. To develop and achieve really high career efforts, now it is necessary to choose what works well and it turns out to be done with ease.

A girl who never did her hair to dolls or girlfriends, suddenly decides to become a hairdresser for no reason at all. Will such a person be happy constantly overcoming himself? Will it be competitive in comparison with the person to whom it was originally given from nature? And will he live his life? Of course, you can learn everything, but will not you want to throw everything off and start life with a clean slate at 35?
choose profession
Also it is worth talking about those professions for which a good appearance is important. If a girl initially prone to fatness, by dieting and daily visits to the gym chooses a profession, where slenderness is the most important criterion.

For example, many girls want to become models. She will be many times more difficult, this work will cost her much more morally and materially, and she will always lose on the background of girls who do not need to do anything to maintain harmony. We do not say now that all girls need to start themselves and start eating harmful foods, but it is worthwhile to think about many times before choosing the whole life’s business.

It may also not be necessary to force yourself to communicate with numerous clients, if you prefer a more closed way of life and an excellent programmer will come out of you, thanks to the perseverance and focus on a particular task.

2. Is it worth it to study well?

Let’s think that in the adult world, good knowledge is worth good money, it will allow us to continue to provide for ourselves and our own, regardless of whether it will be possible to marry well or not.

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3. Choose – a wife or mistress.

In the modern world, all women are divided into 2 categories: ready to destroy other people’s relationships for their own benefit or not. If even more simplistic – for wives or mistresses. Think about whether you really belong to the second category, because in many films and books the image of a mistress is extremely romanticized, but in reality nothing but constant condemnation, curses and bad reputation promises.

Unfortunately, women understand each other, only they belong to one of the militant “camps”. Even in the big city the reputation goes on the heels and even if you did not beat off the husband this particular woman will have a prejudiced attitude, a desire to somehow plague, revenge for the entire female gender. Think twice – do you need this? Seldom does anyone manage to move from one camp to another without problems, usually this choice is permanent.

4. Meet still on the clothes.

Of course, it’s not about things. But the appearance is still in the first place in most cases. Even if we do not take the sphere of love relations, after all, in principle, girls of any appearance may be interested in a guy, because he is looking for something like his own mother, it’s biology, you can not argue with that.
family happiness
But any employer will gladly take on a girl with well-groomed appearance and neatly dressed. Well, any, even the most inexpensive dress, will look gorgeous on a good figure. That’s why all models advertise slender girls, because it’s an opportunity to sell expensive even the most ridiculous dress.

5. Dating with men.

Previously it was said that every man is primarily a hunter. Now times have changed – no one wants to chase someone, because there are so many beautiful girls around. Therefore, a modern man – just walks and chooses. And when a girl refuses a guy who really likes to raise her own worth and show inaccessibility, he simply will not invite her any more.

Nobody will waste their precious time to get someone. No means no. What for? After all, there are many girls around who do not need to prove anything, show special talents, achieve something, it is valuable to them as they are, here and now. The more so that every day we have to fight for our place under the sun at work, to overcome the obstacles that life sends. Why create new ones?

A woman should be a support and support, a quiet harbor, and not a trophy mined in combat. If you want to meet someone, you need to appear where you can meet this particular person. You can be many times prettier, smarter, kinder, but if you are not at a particular event, your prince will simply not be able to choose you.

Many young girls by inexperience, naivety, love, become pregnant

6. Children.

Many young girls by inexperience, naivety, love, become pregnant, and this creates a lot of problems. Firstly, the guy with whom he had sex, almost 100% does not want so early to become a father. Secondly, many girls are also not always ready to become mothers at such a young age. Thirdly, abortion can seriously affect the entire future life of the girl (the problem of getting pregnant in the future, psychological problems, feelings of guilt, etc.). Fourthly, if a child does give birth, it is more difficult to organize one’s personal life and to give birth to a child is necessary when both parents are ready for it when the child is welcome and long-awaited.

So, in matters of sex and prevention, you need to be extremely accurate and better safe than sorry for all your life. And yes, before marriage, you should always use condoms not only to protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also from possible infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

7. Parents.

Whatever the relationship with your parents, always remember that they are not eternal. They may be wrong, they may not understand you, do not support, offend, but … they gave you life and everything they could, they how they could have brought you up, they love you in their own way. So try to accept them as they are, to turn a blind eye to their shortcomings, not to provoke scandals. After their death, almost all grievances and claims will be forgotten, but there will remain bright memories and, perhaps, a sense of guilt that they did not see much, talked little, helped them little, etc. Appreciate the time and those who are close.

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