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What You Need To Know About The Paleo Diet?

Paleo-diet declares itself as a holistic and well-developed food system, which improves the quality of life and increases its duration.

About the paleo diet in recent years, a lot of writing, it becomes a fashion theme. Perhaps, it’s an exotic accent (I would say, exotic “PR” of the paleo-diet), and sometimes it seems that this system is programmed for popularity, because it allows everything except … “civilization”. That’s right: eat whatever you want, and do not deny yourself anything except … “synthetics” and other semi-finished products. You have the right, people … primitive, cave, “natural” …

In any case, it seems so, until you begin to delve into and understand that not everything is so simple.
What You Need To Know About The Paleo Diet?

What is a paleo diet?

This is a lifestyle based on the choice of healthy food, which our ancestors ate during the Paleolithic period. Of course, this is only a starting point, supplemented by modern knowledge about the nutritional value of those or products. In fact, it is a diet focused on the consumption of natural products of plant and animal origin and the rejection of the synthetic components that civilization carries with it.

Paleo-, or Paleolithic diet – it’s not hungry at all, but quite the opposite. In the menu – sufficient, if not to say a lot of meat, seafood, eggs, healthy fats, plant foods. There are prohibitions, these are gluten-containing products, industrial vegetable oils and sugar, as well as everything that has been grown and produced by modern methods using “chemistry”.

WHAT CAN I EAT? Low-fat meat, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds.

WHAT SHOULD LIMIT? Sugar, gluten-containing products, dairy products, industrial vegetable oils.

What can not be? Low-quality products grown using “chemistry” and “synthetics”, and semi-finished products.
What You Need To Know About The Paleo Diet?

Is the Paleo diet low-carb?

Yes, it is, but with reservations. In reality, it depends on your lifestyle and your goals. There are people who deliberately reduce the intake of carbohydrates, in order to successfully attack excess weight. Depending on your specific needs, you can adjust your paleo diet accordingly. For example, athletes who need carbohydrates may include in the menu more starchy vegetables and fruits – various root crops such as ordinary potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins or bananas. However, if you do not need the goal of active physical training, save on carbohydrate vegetables.

In fact, there are an infinite number of options for diversifying the Paleo Diets menu. You can choose meat, any seafood, berries, nuts, herbs, greens, healthy sources of fat and a lot of other useful things. Any combination of this variety opens up space for a delicious and healthy diet.
What You Need To Know About The Paleo Diet?

What are the benefits of the Paleo diet?

Paleo-diet really helps to solve a number of problems, including health.

  1. Perhaps it helps to lose excess weight (few studies).
  2. Stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood.
  3. Offers an optimal ratio of omega 3 / omeg 6 fatty acids in the menu.
  4. Reduces the inflammatory processes in the body.
  5. Reduces the risk of certain chronic diseases, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease (not enough research, but there are encouraging observations).
  6. Increases vitality.
  7. Promotes good athletic performance.

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