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Nonverbal Errors In The Behavior Of Guys

Speech, plastic, facial expressions – what role do they play in seduction? How not to scare off a girl with an occasional gesture? We get rid of bad habits in manners and behavior.

Nonverbal Errors In The Behavior Of Guys

There are gestures, reactions, manifestations of facial expressions, which girls repel. They show the uncertainty, low-ranking guy.
By eliminating these habits, you can increase your appeal to the fair sex.


Do not use lingering sounds like “eee”, “uuu”, “mmm” in your speech. A man inserting an inarticulate mooing into the conversation seems not too smart.
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Do not talk fast. This shows uncertainty, inability to formulate their thoughts and bring them to the opponent. Usually a person who talks too fast simply does not listen.

Do not talk monotonously. So you seem emotionally empty, unfeeling. Even if you are not a bore, this is what you will be considered to be interlocutors. And all because of monotonous, monotonous speech.

Do not make long pauses when you do not know what to say. In such cases, just start talking, say, repeat the question out loud first, which you were asked. If you open your mouth, you will find the words yourself.

Do not use complex constructions in speech, learn to speak briefly and clearly.


Do not hide your hands, take them out of your pockets, they must be open.

Do not swing your arms in front of you. This shows that you are afraid of your interlocutor. So you subconsciously urge him to keep a distance, show your boundaries.

Do not touch your face while talking. It reflects your tension.
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Relax your face. Licking lips, wetting, sniffing – all these nervous twitching to anything. Drain yourself from this.

Smile less often. If you constantly smile, it seems that you are currying before the interlocutor, you want too much to like that you are a slave, not a presenter.

Do not blink too often. Speech should be expressive at the expense of logic, intonation, exact choice of words, and not feverish blinkings.


Do not look down. Alpha males always look above the horizon or on the horizon. So you show your confidence.

During a conversation, the eyes should not run. Let the eyes be relaxed, radiating sexuality and comfort to the girl.

Before answering the question posed by the interlocutor, do not lower your eyes, do not look away.


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If you need to turn your head to answer the question, do not do it too sharply. Take a break, turn around quietly.

Watch your posture. You must not be constrained, like a soldier, nor, especially, hunched. Spread your shoulders. This should not look like a “chest wheel,” but let the shoulders be laid back.

Try to walk slower than usual, except when you are really in a hurry.

While walking, do not be afraid to use the whole body, not just your legs. Moderate movement with the torso and hands is good. Such dynamics demonstrates your confidence to the interlocutor.

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It’s difficult to notice your own grimaces. To study your everyday gestures, it is useful to remove yourself in a conversation, that is called, a “hidden camera”. Or, as an option, ask what friends and relatives noticed in your manners. The advantage of video: it allows you to fix not only the shortcomings themselves, but also progress as they are eliminated.

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