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Numerology: Magic Numbers

Numerology is based on the esoteric teachings of Pythagoras and is based on the practice of Egyptian priests, Assyrian magicians and Indian Brahmins.Numerology is based on the esoteric teachings of Pythagoras
Each number is endowed with its own vibration, a combination of numbers forms special vibrations, harmonious combinations of numbers program a happy life. Character and spiritual warehouse are set at birth, the date of birth predetermines fate, but a person has a chance to correct his actions. Numerology allows you to analyze information, distinguish harmful from useful, to harmonize relations with the surrounding world.

Numerical and tsifirnuyu magic in esotericism was actively practiced in ancient Egypt, Rome, Babylon, Greece. However, in those days, numerology was not used in the form that is familiar to modern man. In those days it was a teaching accessible only to selected people – alchemists, astronomers, healers, shamans, etc. No world religion at that time did not recognize numerology, believing that it was the Devil’s tool.

Over time, when such scientific disciplines as astronomy, physics, mathematics (including algebra and geometry) reached a new level of development and were already fairly well-spread, numerology in many religions ceased to be looked upon as the “demon of Hell” and its supporters stopped blaming demonism and persecuting.

Numerology today, like in antiquity, is considered a science of numbers, but these numbers are not simple, but magical, although they have nothing to do with magic. They are called magical for a different reason – simple mathematical manipulation with them allows you to get very accurate predictions about the most diverse life situations and events. Numerological science, like esoteric science, has received great application in astrology, using its digital subtleties and aspects in its calculations and algorithms.

If you look around, then our whole life is surrounded by figures. After all, they measure everything – and the date of birth, and our weight and our growth. Dates count the person’s age, the figures indicate the apartment number, school, house, car, bank account number, receipts and even money have their numbers. Whether we like it or not, numerology has become a part of our life and manifests itself in many of its aspects.

The basis of this ancient science is the following principle: any multi-digit numbers can be reduced to single digits (i.e. simple signs from 1 to 9). They correspond to established occult characteristics, which have their influence on the whole human life.

Hence, for any single-valued number – fixed certain properties, images and concepts. And since the letters of the alphabet have a numerical expression due to their ordinal number, therefore any words can be calculated, as well as numbers.
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Numerology, just like astrology, seeks to help a person determine his character, hidden talents, strengths or weaknesses, to predict the future, to prompt more appropriate time for making important decisions or actions. With the help of numerology, you can choose a partner – marriage or business (this is called numerology compatibility).

It is rather difficult to give a complete definition of numerology, since one must proceed from the fact that a person affects the numbers exactly as they do to him. Numbers are very interconnected and not only with real life events, but with an even more subtle layer, close to feelings and experiences. It is possible to consider numbers as the highest abstractions of manifestations of our life, for in them symbolic (and therefore completely unambiguous) form indicates features of a person, as well as all events and phenomena.

The main principle that she practices is based on a simple addition. The number series [1 … 9] is the initial one, all other numbers of different orders can be formed from it. The Pythagoreans developed a system for reducing a large number to an elementary one by adding its numbers, its components. If a two-digit number is obtained during addition, it should also be shortened. In a word, the algorithm of addition occurs on this cycle until the moment when the result of this mathematical action becomes an elementary number from the range of values ​​[1 … 9].

Numerology of numbers.
1 – masculinity, courage, regularity, independence, independence, self-sufficiency, courage, pride, confidence, courage, determination, peremptoriness, activity, initiative, enterprise, intricacy, protection.

2 – femininity, elegance, sensitivity, intuition, understanding, unity, support, feeding, gentleness, faith, acceptance, cooperation, compromise, peaceableness, caution.

3 – children’s beginning, unity, joy, optimism, fun, holiday, entertainment, fun, positive, luck, luck, romance, irony, laughter, sociability, simplicity, ease, recklessness, creativity, self-expression, artistry, art.

4 – the energy of the earth, the beginning, the base, the permanence, the immobility, the fidelity, the monotony, the framework, the protection, the law, the limitations, practicality, perseverance, determination, reliability, seriousness, discipline, perseverance, patience, diligence, labor, obligations, , greyness, habitual, details, nuances, trivia, persistence, conservatism, obsession, pragmatism, everyday life, structure, construction, real estate, insurance, security, strength, preservation, finding, recall.
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5 – freedom, movement, transformation, change, speed, diversity, chance, travel, curiosity, interest, demand, search, choice, alternative, elasticity, openness, liberalism, excitement, probability, danger, fear, passion, sex, advertising, sales, marketing, trade, media, printing, fashion, fame, distribution, travel, abroad, brands, brands, roulette, stock exchange, tourism.

6 – family, love, sensuality, complacency, care, feelings, resentment, quick temper, anger, relatives, help, kindness, hearth, harmony, comfort, balance, balancing.

7 – inner, immaterial, saving, spirituality, depth, essence, cognition, secret, hidden, secret, mysterious, esoteric, supernatural, unknown, unknown, mind, cognition, study, analysis, meditation, amazing, solitude, remoteness, alienation, farewell, abandonment, abandoned, lost, sadness, loneliness, emptiness, silence, silence, darkness, autumn, peace, tranquility, relaxation.

8 – external, material, physical, money, property, inheritance, prosperity, career, authority, calling, success, movement, achievements, ambitions, powers, influence, power, law, privilege, court, power, condemnation, fate, justice, justice, truth, justification, reward, censure, punishment, karma, retribution, pay, duties, payment, revenge, status, position, position, appointment.

9 – nobility, voluntariness, benevolence, charity, forgiveness, repentance, remission, repentance, condescension, grace, gratitude, prosperity, well-being, salvation, healing, healing, deliverance, altruism, selflessness, dedication, size, generosity, generosity, ideals, humanity, compassion. Globality, scale, termination, termination, termination, withdrawal.

10 – a decade or a dozen. In mystical arithmetic this is a perfect number, because it contains the sum of the first numbers: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10

The meaning of singular numbers in numerology.
Numbers consisting of double digits, such as 11, 22, 33 have a special status. They are called dominant numbers, since they reveal a greater potential than in the others.

The meaning of number 11. The number 11 is shrouded in a mystical aura and symbolizes magical power, which can be expressed in excessive and arbitrary. Double unit, reinforced by the potential of the deuce. Unity of opposites.

The value of the number 22. The number 22 – the deuce in the square is not as ideal as 11, since it is not built on the balance of antagonisms. The number of logic, law, balance of actions and worship.

13, 14, 16 and 19 are considered in numerology as karmic numbers.

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Knowledge of the day to come dreams of getting everyone, numerology in part provides an opportunity to look into the future. Of course, she can not answer all the questions, show the exact result and give a clear advice, but it is within her power to orient us in the right (and) safe direction. She is able to describe in detail the trend of the day, the nature of the person and the relationship, the perspective of events, etc. With simple numerological calculations you will know what you should pay special attention to, what to strive for, what traits to develop and which ones to control, with whom you can build a family life or boldly enter into a business relationship.