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How To Organize Your Home: 7 Ideas, Tested On Personal Experience

There are three whales of a well-groomed home: cleanliness, order and organization. Yes, I think that order and how space is organized are different things. Because the items carefully arranged in the locker are the order, but if it is not convenient to get them out of there, this order will be quickly destroyed, and things from the locker will lie ugly somewhere conveniently at hand.

With a good organization, the order is easier and more pleasant. In this article I collected tips on improving the ergonomics of the house: most of it I have already tried on myself, and I dream to implement something at the first opportunity.

1. Table on wheels for all occasions

One table on wheels can reduce the amount of furniture in your apartment without loss of functionality. My usually “moored” in the bathroom, and its countertop with the sides is always empty.

I put a hairdryer and a curling iron on it when I’m packing it, a laundry basket to hang it more conveniently, or a phone and glasses while taking a shower. During cleaning, I take a table with me: on it for me around the apartment are moving cloths and detergents.

I’m sure this solution will find application in a small kitchen, when you need to serve a table.

2. Laundry basket in each room

In my family of two people so far, one basket in the bathroom is missing, but recently I read the comment line on Facebook – it turned out that many families of 3 or more people put a basket in each room.

Especially this decision is useful in the nursery, the amount of fraying clothing is greatly reduced.

And one more thing in the case of the nursery: the basket with the lid is, of course, more aesthetically pleasing, but not all children can easily be taught not to throw clothes just on top of the lid.
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3. Organize first-aid kit

Each family has a box or locker, where medicines are stored. If you are not a doctor and in an appendage, as in my case, do not have photographic memory, in due course the destination of some drugs is forgotten, and they calmly linger until the expiration date until you buy analogues.

I propose to sort the drugs according to their intended purpose, for example, from pain or cold, and put each pile in a separate bag or container, having pre-signed the category. Imagine how easy it is to catch a cold, and just get out of the locker a container in which everything you need from the throat pills to the paper handkerchiefs.

4. Basket for unknown things

The feeling of a mess at home is often created by a variety of small things. It sometimes happens that you do not have time to figure out whether you need this thing or not and where to put it, or you need it to lie down a little before you throw it away (for example, a check for a thing you have not tried yet).

For such small things I use a medium-sized box, I just throw everything down there. If I needed something from the latter, I know it’s there. As the box is being filled, I just sort out things: something is going to be thrown out, I give something away, and I put something back in long-term storage.

Recently, I have an analogue of such a box, only smaller, in the kitchen.

5. Clothes hanger

If you do not immediately fold everything into the laundry, and there are clothes at home that are worn more than one day (for example, jeans, a warm jacket or a home gown), there is a risk of a mess. And if it was not in your power to force yourself / husband / children to put clothes in a closet, a special hanger will protect the back of chairs and armchairs, and in some cases, the floor from things.

It can be a floor hanger, hooks on the wall or doors, or a bar, bolted to the wall. By the way, for those who are accustomed to preparing clothes from the evening, this is also a necessary thing.

6. Containers in cupboards

Drawers – a brilliant invention of mankind. But not all furniture is equipped with them, and in cabinets hanging at a certain height (for example, kitchen boxes), the boxes become completely uncomfortable. You can buy skids and other accessories and make drawers and baskets inside the usual closet, or you can go even easier: put the containers.

If you need something from the depths of the closet, just push the container toward you or even pull it out. This approach will allow you to better organize the storage of the function of things: you will find the right one faster.

7. Perforated panel for small items

In places such as a kitchen, a workshop or a home office, where a lot of small things accumulate, which should be constantly at hand, a perforated panel (pegboard) will help. It can hang hooks, baskets, shelves for any needs.

If the needs change – all the auxiliary elements can be easily rearranged, unlike the shelves fastened to the wall. And most importantly, the scissors will no longer have to be dug in a box among the other offices.

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