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Osteoporosis: Strengthen Your Bones, Best Calcium Rich Foods

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes heavy damage to bones due to loss of bone mass and can lead to serious fractures. The most common cause is aging. It is characterized by being more common in women and rarely presents symptoms.

How to know if I have osteoporosis

A simple examination is able to diagnose the disease. By performing the bone density check you can know the strength of your bone in a few minutes.

Upon receiving the diagnosis, the disease can be treated with medicines based on calcium and vitamin D, hormone therapy, injections that lead to the formation of a new bone and physical exercises.

How to Strengthen Your Bones

We have at our disposal several foods that in a special combination become an important weapon against osteoporosis. From now on we will give you some tips on how to keep bones healthy.

Tea as an ally

An excellent tea that can be ingested daily is the horsetail tea. Its consumption is directed to the elderly with osteoporosis and presents substances able to strengthen the bones and to diminish possible fractures. Its preparation is fast and simple. Put a quart of water and two dried mackerel leaves in a pan. Bring to a boil and after brewing, just strain and drink.

The power of juices

The combination of carrot and cabbage forms an unbeatable juice in the treatment of the disease. It contains calcium, iron, sulfur and vitamins A and C, which are key substances not only in strengthening bones, but in maintaining a healthy body. Its consumption helps in the physical preparation of athletes, besides preventing rheumatism, arthrosis and arthritis. To prepare it you need two carrots, one spoon of powdered soy milk, one cup of coconut water and three branches of caruru. Just beat all these ingredients in the blender and ingest it in the morning daily.

Another healthy and favorable juice to combat osteoporosis is that of cabbage, which is a source of calcium, strengthening bones and teeth. Cabbage in addition to protecting bone diseases also protects against degenerative diseases by presenting bioflavonoids. To prepare, mix 200 ml of passion fruit juice and five well-washed cabbage leaves. Put them in the blender and whisk together with the passion fruit juice. Ready, just take!

Foods rich in calcium

As calcium is the primary element for bone strengthening, below we will list foods that are calcium-rich:

  1. Milk and its derivatives in general;
  2. Virgin olive oil;
  3. Fresh fish and especially canned sardines;
  4. Fruit juices;
  5. Vegetables, cereals and potatoes;
  6. Lean meats.

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