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Paleo Diet: Main Points – Learn More

Always get only the best quality that you can afford.

In our refrigerator should be only those products in which we are sure, that is, grown without chemical fertilizers, not stuffed with toxins, pesticides and antibiotics. It requires a strict selection and quality control of what you put on the table. At this point, the paleo-diet is similar to the eco-diet (although in everything else is different).

Avoid cereals and legumes

It is especially important not to eat foods containing gluten (gluten), such as wheat, rye, barley. Also avoid legumes – soybeans, corn, beans, peas, lentils and peanuts (this kind of nut refers to beans).
Paleo Diet: Main Points - Learn More

Give up sugar and high-carb dishes

This rule applies to any artificial sweetener. Occasionally, you can afford natural sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup. Sweets with cream and other excesses are prohibited as unhealthy foods.

Limit vegetable industrial oils

This list includes oils from rapeseed, corn, soy, sunflower and similar crops. The paleo-diet does not impose an absolute ban on vegetable oils. The listed oils can be consumed in limited quantities.

Do not be afraid to include healthy fats in moderation in the diet

Meat is recommended low-fat varieties. To healthy fats include avocado oil, olive, walnut, linseed, grape oil, as well as ghee ghee. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are adapting to the paleo diet is inadequate fat intake. Meanwhile, fats give a feeling of satiety and support vital energy.

Paleo Diet: Main Points - Learn More


Usually Paleo diet does not welcome dairy products, but sometimes it is permissible if you tolerate them well and do not want to give them up.

The only “milk”, which in this case should be regularly included in your diet, is cream, ghee, and fresh raw milk from the “familiar” cow, which lives on the will and feeds on the forage. It is interesting that in this Paleo Diet almost completely repeats the recommendations of Indian yogis.
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Sometimes high-quality cheese can be included in the diet. If possible, buy dairy products only from a trusted source – from a seller or village hostess whom you can trust. If you are not sure about the quality of milk, it is better to give it up altogether, or at least until you find a decent product.

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