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People Who Smoke Marijuana Regularly Have More Sex

Researchers collected data on 50,000 people who smoked cannabis on a daily basis and those who had never smoked it.

Regular marijuana users have a more active sex life than people who do not ingest or smoke the substance infrequently. The study, compiled by researchers at Stanford University in California, United States, was published this Friday (27/10) by the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

People who smoke marijuana regularly have more sex!

To get the result, the group gathered data from about 50,000 people who participated in an annual survey of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention between 2002 and 2015.

We report how often they smoke – monthly, weekly or daily – and how often they had sex in the past month, said study lead author Michael Eisenberg, a urologist at Stanford University Medical Center.

Compared to users who never smoke, people who reported daily use of marijuana made about 20% more sex. So over the course of a year, they are having sex maybe 20 times as much, he added.
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Women who consumed marijuana daily on average had sex 7.1 times per month. For men, 6.9 times. Women who did not use marijuana had sex 6 times a month, while men who did not use marijuana had sex 5.6 times a month.

Greater sexual desire

When researchers considered other factors, such as alcohol or cocaine use, age, religion or children, the association between the intensity of marijuana use and the more active sex life remained. Virtually every group that has studied this pattern persisted, Eisenberg said.

Psychologist Mitch Earleywine of the University of Albany explains, however, that this association does not necessarily mean that the herb is responsible for the increase in sexual desire. In some surveys, we saw that [cannabis users] had more sex, but they seemed to be mediated by a personality type who is willing to try new things or seek emotions, he said.

Another study published in 2012 found that women were more excited about watching erotic movies when they smoked marijuana. The scientific justification for the fact is that cannabis seems to enhance sensory experiences in general.

That makes people appreciate the moment, added psychologist Earleywine. They like to eat more, find humor in things more easily, so it would not be impressive to think they would like sex more, he finished.

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Marijuana is known to arouse a sexual appetite, especially in women. Now, scientists have new clues about how it exerts this effect. A study published in the latest issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that the active drug principle affects two important chemical messengers in reproductive behavior.

According to the US National Institute on Drug Use, more than 20 million American adults are cannabis users, and with legalization for medical or recreational use in 29 states, these numbers are moving forward. And the drug’s relationship with sex is ambiguous: experiments report erectile dysfunction in heavy users and reduction in sperm count; on the other hand, research indicates that cannabis stimulates activity in brain regions involved with sexual desire.

There are other variables that can influence sexual activity, such as the tendency for weed users to be more uninhibited and thus more likely to have sex. However, Eisenberg says, there is likely to be an active marijuana role in the search for sex, but the data should not be misinterpreted as evidence of a causal connection.

The aphrodisiac power of marijuana used millennially

Marijuana has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. The ancient Indian ayurvedic medicine system used cannabis to increase libido, producing longer lasting erections, slows ejaculation, facilitates lubrication and loosens inhibitions.

Some tantric sex drink a substance called bhang, a kind of milkshake seasoned with marijuana to enhance the sexual experience. According to one source, Indian prostitutes eat bhang ice cream to help them feel sexually aroused.
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In the 19th century in Serbia, virgin women received a mixture of sheepskin and marijuana on their wedding night to make sex less painful and so pleasurable. Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, other countries of the Middle East and North Africa in their cultures used cannabis for sexual purposes in a potent form of kif known recently in the early 20th century.

So what exactly is there about the herb that transforms people?

Besides the obvious: it increases your senses, you relax and it makes you feel hyper connected, there are also physiological effects.

Along with increased heart rate, changes in blood flow and breathing, according to William Novak, author of 1980 Volume, High Culture: Marijuana in Americans’ Life, Neurochemistry, Hormone Systems and Brain Regions, such as the temporal lobe are affected by both cannabis and sexual arousal. ”

That’s because THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient in marijuana, not only releases dopamine into the brain – causing the “cheap” – which actually reproduces the effects of a natural neurochemical called sexy anandamide.

Not always and not all have better sex with marijuana. For some people, it has an opposite effect. That is useful if you are a monk. But in fact these people do away with anxiety that is mistaken for sexual discouragement.

Ascetics, monks and other authors used marijuana to free themselves from sexual desire. Instead of connecting them to their bodies, sexual desires, or other people, it helps them to meditate.

In the context of a sexual encounter, it can be difficult to focus on making your partner come to the point when your mind is busy contemplating the meaning of life. Or if you suddenly become hyper-aware of everything that is wrong with your relationship.

The effects of smoking also depend on a person’s tolerance for the drug – one based can make a person in a good mood, while another user can get very “high” to be able to feel a high sexual awareness.

Of course, when it comes to weed, you may also exaggerate, marijuana use in the long run can result in low motivation – including motivation to have sex.

And while some people report an increase in libido – in one study, men said they achieved higher harder erections and women said they became more moist and were more able to achieve orgasm when “smoked” – others may report the inability to maintain an erection.
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It is generally believed that smoking marijuana causes damage to the reproductive system, having an effect on the production of testosterone and other hormones – which, in turn, can affect fertility, menstruation and erectile function, among other things. Prohibitionists of marijuana would like to shout “this will lower their sperm count,” I argue that while studies on this produce conflicting results.

It is true that the cells of the reproductive system are very rich in fat and thus absorb and retain more THC than most other cells in the body, a factor that leads some researchers to believe that marijuana can lower testosterone levels. Apparently, in some cases, male marijuana smokers developed “man breasts” because of localized fat deposits.

Still, according to Novak, “There are no epidemiological studies showing increased infertility in humans using cannabis, and studies of total reproduction rates have found no reduction in the reproductive rate in countries where a higher rate of marijuana use is found.”

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