Perfect Wife

Perfect Wife

Perfect Wife.

Rarely have not heard that the microclimate in the family is 90% dependent on the woman. And so it is as possible to become an ideal wife for your husband, as well as to build a harmonious relationship. If, of course, try, know the rules and do not throw started halfway!

When a woman knows what she can do for herself and her family, and has the desire to achieve this, half the success is already in your pocket. Many representatives of the weaker sex spend half their lives or even their whole lives in scandals with their household members, not knowing how to manage their emotions, how to receive love or other feelings from anyone.


And then the closest get under the distribution. From her husband begins to demand and demand: caring, attention, understanding, listening, empathy … From the friends of sympathy, that she got such a fool that her children do not hear, and the elderly mother pulls out all the veins … If the wife studies and understands the roots of her problems, then can find a solution.

So, who is such an ideal wife? It is important for a woman to know not only her own nature, but also the differences between the sexes. And first, having understood that the male mind is not at all like her, the wife should not expect from her man excessive feelings, emotions, sincere delight from buying new curtains and the emotion of a purring cat. In this support is worth looking for other women: mothers, sisters, girlfriends …

It is possible to single out several supports

Watch not only your appearance

(even if you have small children in your arms), but also the state of your inner world. Often a woman overloads herself with work and forgets about rest and relaxation.

When a woman tears, the negative involuntarily pours on her husband. Think: does your husband need shiny floors and starched tablecloths, if he is later reproached for not investing enough and helping his wife? Working at home without love, through the power of no one brings joy.

Try to regularly visit the fitness center, or do exercises, or exercises from yoga, meditate, walk in the fresh air, on time to visit the hairdresser and do at least at home the mask for face and hands.
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Also keep track of your emotional state. If you are tired ─ be sure to find a few minutes if there is not enough time for rest. If your little child has fallen asleep, and work is not done, sacrifice cleaning for half an hour lying on the couch, in the bathroom or talking with a friend on the phone. If irritated ─ try to find what exactly and look for a way (and it is in any case!), How to restore balance;

It is important for the husband to be gentle,

to speak in a receptive tone and to avoid such words, intonations and those that would lead you to strife. Praise your man for every act for you, even if it’s a trifle – from these little things later actions of a different scale will arise.

This is especially important when small children appear in the house, and the husband no longer has a dominant role in the family. Be sincere in praise!

How you meet your husband depends on the atmosphere of your evening!

Imagine two situations: the wife made dinner, but from the threshold the man, wanting to relax and “take off his armor”, hears reproaches (“came late”, “did not take out the garbage”, “your children again got a deuce”) and understands: he was not expected here .

Or: a smart, cheerful wife and kids happily meet the head of the family, have supper, and then they say that the children got a deuce, the tap went into the kitchen and other matters. And to solve problems much easier and more pleasantly, when you appreciate and wait, having prepared with love a supper and having made a home atmosphere especial;

Often “imperfect wives” take the helm of family life into their own hands.

And when the husband is at work, the wife can hammer and nail, and solve the problem, because she and her husband have equal rights! So why wait for her until her tired husband comes late from work and share with him what can be solved by herself?

Self-reliance in everything gradually leads to loneliness. The man understands that his voice is not something that is undecided, but already completely unnecessary;

Stubbornness is not the quality of an ideal wife.

Although it is inherent in men and women, do not face foreheads. If a question is fundamental for a wife, then it is worthwhile to teach the solution gently, bypassing. So that the man himself decided that this is his decision, not his wife.

Tell him: “I agree with you!”, “You were right”, because these were not isolated cases in your family life. Smooth out sharp corners, say pleasant words, and your man will not have to go against your point of view.

This is not a set of rules,

not a panacea in critical situations. But fulfilling even these simple recommendations, a woman is able to protect her family from many problems. Improving only himself (and not his partner), knowing his needs, giving his heart from love and not demanding anything in return, acting wisely, not to the detriment of himself, a woman can hear unexpected words from her husband: “You have an ideal wife!” it will take years and years.

You might’ve noticed that I didn’t say anything about paying thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money to get out of debt…
The success stories and the numbers speak very clearly

Find ou more, this can change your life

And who has already heard these words?

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