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Personal Space Of The Child

When you have a child, you try to do everything to ensure that the baby was happy, healthy, did not need anything. Alas, such hyper-guardianship sometimes has absolutely the opposite effect. Instead of gratitude you get misunderstanding and detachment. By the new year we have picked up a fascinating story, why not to violate the personal space of the child, what it leads to, and how to fix the problem.
What is personal space?

The need for personal space depends on the age of the children. For example, newborns do not feel necessary because they do not yet identify themselves as individuals. By the age of six months the baby begins to understand that he and his mother are different people. This awareness is strengthened until 3 years. By this point, you should start to form a personal space in the family for each of its members!

At the age of three, the child already feels a sense of ownership. He knows that this toy is his, and it is he who disposes of it. A kid can identify “strangers” and “his” people. Every year this understanding only increases. There is a need for personal things, toys, room. But the main thing is a personal space in relations with parents.
How not to violate the personal space of the child

Why is personal space important?

The first and key reason is the need for security. Each of us should have a corner, a personal area in which no one can penetrate without demand. This creates a feeling of comfort and confidence.

Violation of the child’s personal space is a direct threat. Naturally, the kid will perceive him with bayonets. Such an approach does not promise anything but secrecy and mistrust. Taking away personal belongings from a baby as punishment is a wrong method that will not bring any effect. Of course, in fact this thing is not bought personally by a child. But you have no one takes away gifts?

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And what will happen if you break the personal space of the child

Personal space in a relationship is exactly that freedom that makes them easy and enjoyable for both sides. This is a manifestation of trust in its best form. Especially when it comes to parents and children. With regular violations of the child’s personal territory, you will notice manifestations of negativism and even aggression. The kid can close and react irritably to any events.

Do not forget that the personal space in the family is a demonstration of respect for its members. And yes, even the smallest ones need to feel that they are taken seriously, their opinion is considered. Otherwise, they will perceive your behavior as correct and will also treat others.
How not to violate the personal space of the child

How not to violate the personal space of the child

Any violation of the child’s personal space adversely affects its further development. To avoid such an outcome, try using a few simple tricks. For example, you can train your baby to knock on the door. Do not enter his room without an invitation, so he understands: this is his property, and here he is safe.

Allow the baby to make decisions about his property. Do not forbid him to hang pictures on a closet or bed. In return, offered to sign his things. So you show that the personal space of the child is important to you. He will trust you more and feel safe!

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