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How to Plant Juicy Plants in a Book – DIY

Juicy plants are lovely. They do not need much water or clarity, so they are ideal to have indoors and for those who do not have much time to care. There are several projects with them. Today we bring an idea of ​​a very creative vase using an old book to plant succulents (cactus).

Succulent plants (cactus) are perfect plants for those looking to put a little green inside the home and office, but do not have much time to care.

Easy to maintain, they do not need water very often and can be grown in mini-terrariums – versatile gardens that can be suspended, adapting to the smallest and most unusual spaces.

Another positive point of this category is that, like the cacti their growth is slow and super conducive to micro gardens.
DIY Smart Saw
See what you will need:

  1. An old book
  2. Sucker changes
  3. A handful of dried moss
  4. Metal Ruler
  5. Stylus
  6. Paste
  7. Vegetable paper or plastic bag

Sprinkle some white glue on the sides of the book and let it dry. This will help keep the sheets together when cutting.
Skip the first few pages of the book and start with a square or rectangular cut using the stylus with the ruler. At the end, leave some uncut pages and cut the first page, as it will be visible.
Once the cut is done, we already have a “pot” almost ready to plant, but first we need to cover it with paper or plastic bag.

In this stage we can already make the cactus plantation. There is not much secret.
Put the soil gradually along with the plants, pressing gently to secure them. When finished, cover with moss. Be careful to leave the soil at a level below the edges of the cutout.
With the planting finished, it is now time to finish. Cut the remaining edges of the paper with the stylus.

Ready! We reach the end. Although cutting the pages of the book takes a little work at the beginning, we can see that the result is incredible.

Suggestions for use do not miss! You can use it for decoration on a corner table, at the desk, steps of a staircase, balcony table, etc.

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