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Priceless Hacks For The Kitchen, Of Which Few People Know

Today we have gathered several lifhakas that will be useful during cooking and organizing space, and also help to make your kitchen shine clean.

How to Remove Vegetable Seeds

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To quickly remove seeds from cucumber or zucchini, use a spoon for ice cream. Its sharp edge will easily remove the seeds.

How to remove excess fat from cooked food

If the dish you cooked suddenly turned out to be bold, you can easily change it using a couple of ice cubes and a paper towel. Wrap the ice in a towel and wipe the surface of the dish. Ice will act like a magnet, removing the floating fat that will solidify on the fabric.

Use food film as a professional chef

Can not you unwind and tear the food film evenly? Keep it in the refrigerator, as professional cooks do. In the cooled state it is easier to work with, it is easier to break, and does not stick so strongly to the hands.

Easy cleaning of citrus fruits

You do not like to clean oranges and lemons? Do not want to ruin a manicure with a tough, thick skin? Keep them in the microwave for 20 seconds – and peeling will be much easier.

How to easily peel boiled eggs

Add soda or vinegar to the water when cooking the eggs. These substances get inside the shell, so cleaning it will be much easier.

How to squeeze more juice from citrus fruits

To squeeze the last drops of lemon, first cool the fruit in the refrigerator, and then send to the microwave for 15-20 seconds.

How to grate soft cheese

Put it in the freezer for half an hour before you plan to rub it. Cheese will harden and will not stick to the grater. It will also be easier to use.

How to fry a whole chicken

If you fry the chicken (or another bird) whole, put it on the breast. This is necessary because it contains most of the meat. The closer it is to the source of heat, the quicker the chicken will cook in general.

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The Right Way to Preheat Pastries

If you are warming up pizza or other pastries in a microwave oven, put a cup of water next to it. Moisture will not allow the dough to dry and keep crispy crusts.

How to keep culinary herbs

If you freeze herbs in ice cubes, they retain their vitamins. Try to freeze them in water or in olive oil.

How to get rid of unpleasant odors on the hands

To remove the persistent smell of garlic or onions, which is preserved on your hands, use table salt or lemon. Just rub them your hands and rinse with water.

How to return the metal cookware previous shine

In order to restore the gloss of stainless steel cookware, wash it in a mixture of vinegar and water. If there are no iron parts, the dishes can be soaked overnight in the same mixture. So you will achieve a better effect.

Remove odors from wooden spoons

Over time, wooden spoons and spatulas lose their appearance and get an unpleasant smell. It would seem that the only thing to do is to throw them away. But if you do not want to part with your favorite assistant in the kitchen, there is another way out. Boil the wooden spoon in plain water and leave it to dry in the sun. This will remove unpleasant odors and give her a new life.

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