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Proper Care For Your Fingernails

Nails are an amazing part of the veil of our body. They protect the fingertips on the hands and feet, also help the fingers to take small objects. Nails reflect the general health of our body. Healthy nails look smooth, shiny, transparent pink in color.

The structure of the nail is determined by heredity, but varies under the influence of external factors (ecology, nutrition, improper care, work peculiarities). For the health of nails, the diet should be full, varied and contain the necessary vitamins and minerals.

To care for nails, you need to do a manicure (classical, European, hot or hardware) every two weeks. Where to do a manicure, choose yourself, it can be a beauty salon, a friend or yourself. If you do a manicure yourself or decided to try, then you need a manicure set for this. It includes several nail files, large and small pliers-pliers, scissors with curved ends, a blunt scapula and an orange stick. All these tools must be kept clean: boiled, or wiped with alcohol or other disinfectant.

Nail care

  1. Matrix nutrition. Massage with nourishing cream for nails. It will strengthen the nails, improve metabolism, soften the cuticle, and also give the hands a well-groomed appearance.
  2. Softening. A warm bath with a foamy remedy (liquid soap, shower gel, manicure) will soften the rough skin around the nails, and serve as a relaxing remedy for the muscles of the hands.
  3. Cuticle removal. For this, you can make an edging manicure, or use special means to remove the cuticle.

Lubricate your hands with cream, paying special attention to the cuticle. Manicure is recommended to be done at least once in 10 days. Use a nail polish remover without acetone, as well as acetone-free nail polish, as acetone dries the nail plate, thins it and leads to brittleness and flaking.

It is useful to rub in a nail plate table vinegar, lemon juice, cranberry juice, black and red currants. When yellowness appears on the nails (with the exception of fungi), it can be removed by lubricating the nails with a slice of lemon, which will not only lighten them, but will also strengthen.

Proper nutrition

In the diet should be:

  • vitamin A (strengthens the nails, is contained in the liver, oil, greens, tomatoes, carrots);
  • vitamin E (nourishes, is an antioxidant, contained in vegetable oil, sunflower seed);
  • vitamins of group B (for growth of nails, are contained in cabbage, yeast, egg yolk, sprouted wheat grains);
  • iodine (accelerates the growth of nails, is found in sea kale, spinach);
  • silicon (for elasticity and strength of nails, is contained in vegetables);
  • calcium (strengthens the nails, gives firmness, is found in dairy products);
  • iron (necessary for the structure and shape of the nail plate);
  • sulfur (prevents inflammation, important for nail formation, is contained in cabbage, onions, cucumbers);

Using all of the above foods, and, also adhering to the above methods of nail care, you will become the owner of beautiful, and most importantly healthy nails!

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