Proper Nutrition

Proper Nutrition – the Most Powerful Arms Against Diseases

Proper Nutrition – The Most Powerful Arms Against Diseases

Despite a lot of information and different opinions, few really know what to do in order to improve health. The results of the largest study of the connection between nutrition and health show that animal protein, affecting the metabolic processes of our body, is a powerful carcinogen. And nutrition with whole plant products is most useful for our kidneys, bones, eyes and brain.Lean Belly Breakthrough

1. Keep cholesterol under control

The level of cholesterol in the blood increases with increasing consumption of yam, milk, eggs, fish, fats and animal proteins.

The level of cholesterol in the blood decreases with increasing intake of food and plant nutrients, including vegetable proteins, dietary fiber, cellulose, hemicellulose, soluble carbohydrates, vitamin B of vegetable origin (carotene, B2, B3), legumes, light-colored vegetables, fruits, carrots , potatoes and some grains.

2. Eat Cellulose

Although cellulose is not digested by the body, it is important for health. It facilitates the movement of water in the body to the intestines to help move food through it. In addition, the use of a sufficient amount of fiber leads to a decrease in the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Undigested fiber, like a sticky tape, also collects and removes harmful chemicals that enter the intestines and can be carcinogenic. If we do not eat enough fiber, then we are at risk of diseases associated with constipation. Such diseases include colon cancer, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Dietary fiber is found exclusively in plant foods. Foods rich in fiber are legumes, leafy vegetables and whole grains, such as wheat and corn.

3. Eat foods rich in complex carbohydrates

Unfortunately, most people consume extremely many simple, refined carbohydrates and extremely few complex ones.

There is a huge amount of scientific evidence that the most healthy diet – rich in carbohydrates. There is evidence that it contributes to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, prevents many chronic diseases, and there are many examples that it helps to significantly reduce weight. But it’s not so simple.

At least 99% of carbohydrates that we consume come from fruits, vegetables and grain products. When this food is consumed in untreated, unrefined and natural form, a significant portion of carbohydrates is in the so-called complex form.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum are carbohydrates, which have undergone considerable processing and refining, purified from cellulose, vitamins and minerals. Typical simple carbohydrates are found in such foods as white bread; processed snacks – crackers and chips made from the highest grade flour; Sweets, including pastries and chocolate bars; soft drinks with high sugar content. These highly purified carbohydrates are obtained from cereal products or sugar-containing plants, for example cane or beet. They are easily broken down during digestion into simple carbohydrates, which are absorbed by the body and supply blood with sugar, or glucose.

Eat an apple, zucchini or a plate of brown rice with beans or other vegetables.

4. “You can not learn to digest” or eat less fat and animal protein

The truth is this: despite any restrictions on the intake of calories in a short time, our body through various mechanisms will eventually decide how many calories to absorb and what to do with them.
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When we treat him well, eating the right food, he knows how to make sure that these calories do not go to the formation of body fat, but to perform more desirable functions, for example, warming the body, metabolism, maintaining and increasing physical activity or just getting rid of it from any surplus. The body uses numerous complex mechanisms to decide how to use – store or burn – calories.

When nutrition is high in protein and fat calories, instead of being used to warm the body, begin to be deposited as body fat (unless a significant restriction on calorie intake causes weight loss). Conversely, when nutrition is low in protein and fat, calories are used to heat the body. Posting more calories in the form of fat and a smaller loss for heating means more efficient work of the body. Would you prefer that your body work a little less efficiently and turn calories into heat, and not into fat, right?

Well, for this it is sufficient to eat less fat and animal proteins.

Remember: you need very little, only 50 calories per day to change the process of accumulation of body fat in our body and, therefore, our weight.

5. Try a vegetable diet

The results of the “Chinese study” indicate that the lower the proportion of animal food in the diet, the more health benefits – even when this share is reduced from 10 to 0% of calories.

With a plant diet, an optimal calorie balance is achieved to control weight, for two reasons. First, while calories are expended on heating the body, and not stored in body fat, and to maintain this effect during the course of a year, it does not take a lot of calories. Secondly, the plant diet promotes more physical activity. And as the weight of the body decreases, the load is given easier. The combined effect of diet and exercise leads to weight loss and improved overall health.

Very useful are whole foods that contain complex carbohydrates: unprocessed fruits and vegetables, as well as whole-grain foods such as brown rice and oatmeal. Unrefined carbohydrates, especially from fruits and vegetables, have an extremely beneficial effect on health.

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It should be avoided as much as possible food such as pasta from refined flour, sweet flakes, white bread, sweets and soft drinks with a high sugar content.

Eating whole plant foods is most beneficial for our kidneys, bones, eyes and brain.

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Give yourself a month to change your daily diet. A month is not enough to show all the long-term beneficial effects of proper nutrition, but enough that you are convinced of the following:

1. Vegetable food includes many wonderful products that you would otherwise not have tried. Perhaps you can not eat whatever you want (the desire to eat meat can last for more than a month), but you will have a lot of excellent delicious food.

2. Some quickly get used to such a diet, and she starts to like them. Many need a few months to complete the restructuring. But almost everyone understands that it is easier than it seemed.
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3. You will feel better. Even after just a month, most begin to feel more cheerful and usually lose some of their excess weight. Try to take a blood test before you go on a diet, and a month later. Most likely, you will notice a significant improvement even in such a short period of time.

4. The most important thing: you will understand that this is possible. It is likely that you will like it, and maybe not, but at least for a month it becomes clear: you can do it if you want. All the health benefits discussed in this book can be obtained not only by Tibetan monks and fanatical Spartans, but also by you.

Proper nutrition not only prevents illness, but also contributes to physical and mental health and well-being. Make your choice.

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Here is a rough outline of how to move to a healthy diet and for a long time to save a new diet.

1. Do not look for an ideal system

There are many power systems. All of them are aimed at improving health and are equally good for you. You can become a vegan, a lacto vegetarian or remain omnivorous, but only eat foods that support health.
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Do not try to find a diet that will be perfect. It is better to take into consideration the basic postulates of a healthy diet as a whole: limit yourself in the use of a dozen or two of the most harmful foods and try to abandon them regularly.

2. Eliminate sugar and fine flour

These are the most harmful foods that abound in the diet of the average person. Excluding them from the diet will allow you to make your table 80% more useful.

Here is the list of foods that need to be excluded from the diet: refined sugar (including all fruit juices), agave and maple syrup, honey, refined flour, white ground rice, wheat pasta. Keep an eye on what is written, for example, on a package with whole grain bread, the main ingredient of which is still fine flour. Do not let yourself be deceived.

Empty, processed carbohydrates cause physical and mental dependence.
In the first year it will be very difficult to abandon them, but then things will go easier. Then you are completely free from the influence of these products, they will appear to you too sweet and tasteless, and you really, and not from under the stick, will give preference to healthy food.

3. Replace harmful products with useful

If you just say goodbye to carbohydrates, then the body will lack nutrients and make you rush to this food. In the first couple, look for a compromise between useful and favorite food.

Replacing the French fries with cabbage will be quite difficult, but with baked potatoes – this is actually a feasible task.
Your task is to start consuming more complex carbohydrates (such as brown rice) and natural simple carbohydrates that are found in fruits and vegetables.

When you choose what to replace the harmful food, pay attention to products such as miso soup, kale, cruciferous vegetables, tofu, nuts and seeds. Do not force yourself to eat dishes of these products, if they do not like you, find those that will bring you pleasure.

4. Fight fat

Once you successfully exclude sugar and fast carbohydrates from the diet, you can turn your weapons against fats. The most dangerous are omega-6 and omega-9. Most often they are found in butter, meat, eggs and dairy products obtained from animals that were kept without walking on natural pastures. Leave for food only quality butter, coconut for cooking and olive for salads.

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5. Eat quality meat

Try to eat meat only from trusted producers. Beef, lamb, pork and poultry meat should be obtained from animals grown on pastures, and fish only get caught in natural reservoirs.

6. Set the rules

If you travel a lot, have a specific mode of operation or other factors that prevent you from eating properly, plan ahead and establish simple rules. For example, allow yourself during the journey to eat everything, so as not to burden yourself with unnecessary troubles, but at home adhere to a 100% healthy diet without any indulgences.

7. Plan each meal in advance

When getting used to a new diet, it’s hardest to find suitable foods when you are tired or terribly hungry. It is easy to show unbending willpower when there are plenty of useful foods around, but it’s incredibly difficult when any available dish is threatened with a huge amount of sugar and white flour. Then you have to waste your energy and time searching for something that will not do you harm.

It is best to plan each meal in advance. Develop a standard menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for which you will always have at hand the necessary ingredients. Then a healthy snack will become easier and more accessible for you than harmful, and you will quickly get involved.

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