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How To Protect The Skin Of Hands

Our hands are very vulnerable, because they get almost all the physical work. And these indefatigable laborers grow old very quickly. There are very few sebaceous glands on the back of the palms, and there are not any at all on their palms. From this, the skin of the hands dries up and becomes rough and unpleasant to the touch. A variety of detergents? After all, this is a real stress for the skin.

They destroy the natural fatty film of the skin, drain and age it. What to do? Can not you sit all day and do nothing?

To protect the skin of hands, you can wash dishes and floor with gloves. Buy ordinary household gloves, they are quite thick and well protect the skin of the hands. You can buy sterile surgical gloves in the pharmacy. But they are much worse, because they are more subtle and easily torn at the most inopportune moment.

To the hands do not sweat, you need to put a little talc or baby powder into the gloves. If you are uncomfortable working with gloves, use a hand cream. But not the way you used to do it … We need the cream for protection, so we’ll apply it before every “exercise” that can damage the skin of the hands.

They applied the cream – washed the dishes, apply the cream again, because the hands need food, and all the cream that you applied was previously washed off with water.

Much depends also on the water in which you work your pens. Cold water thickens the skin, coarsens, blushes, crackles and peels off. Hot water makes the skin of the hands dry and rough.

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Hand care involves the same scheme as skin care for the face and body: cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing and protecting. Cleansing is the main component of skin care for hands. Sometimes a simple wash with soap may not be enough to clean hands qualitatively, so you can put a cleaning bath in your hands.

Moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the hands is easy with the help of masks. The masks for hands that we can see on the shelves of stores include vitamins, glycerin, oils, lanolin, wax, honey, royal jelly, ginseng, aloe, chamomile, moisturizers, etc. There are also special masks for the hands: modeling , rejuvenating, bleaching, etc. At home, the mask for the skin of the hands is applied overnight.

You spread your hands with a thick layer of nourishing cream (you can use the most common hand cream, not necessarily a specialized mask), then put on your hands polyethylene gloves, and on top of them terry or woolen mittens. The mask is removed only in the morning. A paraffin hand mask is very useful. To apply this mask, you will need an assistant. Smear your hands with a very thick layer of cream.

After that, cover your hands with heated liquid paraffin. Paraffin quickly solidifies at room temperature. Put on your hands polyethylene gloves, and on top of them warm mittens. It is important that the paraffin cools as slowly as possible. This provides deep heating of muscles and even joints.

Under the influence of heat, the inflow of blood to the skin increases, as a result of which the inflow of water to the skin increases, and paraffin does not allow the water to evaporate, thereby providing good hydration. The paraffin mask not only moisturizes the skin, but also gives a lifting effect, smoothes and tones the skin of the hands.

It is useful 1-2 times a week to carry out the procedure for peeling hands. For this, scrubs are perfect. As a result of this procedure, the layer of dead cells becomes thinner, and penetration of the active components of creams and masks significantly improves.

Very useful for hand skin massage. It perfectly influences muscles, ligaments of fingers, hands and forearms, improves blood circulation and helps enrich tissues with oxygen. Methods of massage can be very diverse – it is stroking, effleurage, squeezing, pressing, kneading, tweaking.
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Special attention is required for the skin on the elbows. Often the skin on the elbows darkens and flakes. Agree, a white wedding dress and dark rough elbows are incompatible. Therefore, we urgently need to make sure that the elbows look flawless, and if this does not mean absolutely so, we need to whiten them. Roughness can be removed, if gently, in circular motions rub the skin on the elbows with pumice stone.

After that, you can whiten the skin with lemon juice. Apply lemon juice (you can just rub the elbow with a slice of lemon) for a few minutes, then rinse and smear the skin with a fatty nutritious cream or olive oil.

Several such procedures can completely transform your elbows. If your hands sweat heavily and you have already experienced many times uncomfortable because of sweaty hands, it is worth trying to cope with sweating with the help of old proven methods.

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