Protect Skin Hands

How to Protect the Skin of Hands

How to Protect the Skin of Hands.

Whether we like it or not, our hands are always in sight.

You can even calculate by your hands how old you are! Yes, yes, brushes betray the age, even if the face is perfectly maintained. And all because on the surface of the hands almost no sebaceous glands, the skin is thin, and the epidermis contains 4-5 times less natural moisture than, for example, the skin of the face.

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In addition, the hands are constantly in contact with an aggressive external environment, which over time reflects on their appearance.
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  1. Washing (wet cleaning, washing dishes). In addition to the drying effect of water, contact with detergents is extremely detrimental to the skin of the hands. Chemical household helpers cope well with cleaning the surfaces, but they have a destructive effect on the skin.
  2. From daily contact with soap and household chemicals, it is injured, it becomes dry and rough, it often irritates it. There are more sad consequences – weakening of local immunity, viral skin damage right up to warts, papillomas, eczema.
  3. Cold (especially frost). The skin of the hands is extremely sensitive to low temperatures. From the cold, it coarsens and turns red, cracks appear on it, goosebumps, dermatitis (in common parlance, “pimples”).
  4. Dry air weakens the already fragile skin protection. Most of the time we spend in closed rooms with central heating, where air conditioners are constantly working, which greatly reduces the humidity.
  5. The sun causes dehydration of the skin and contributes to its premature aging.
  6. Do all household work related to water and detergents (washing, cleaning, washing dishes), in rubber gloves on a cloth basis. If these were not found, put thin cotton underneath the usual rubber gloves. The fact is that rubber with long wearing and direct contact can cause diaper rash and dermatitis.
  7. After each contact with water, grease your hands with a nourishing or moisturizing cream. © Do not put the brush “bare” in the cold or a strong wind – wear gloves.
  8. In severe frost in general, it is better to prefer mittens – fingers will warm against each other and maintain normal blood circulation, which means that the skin of the hands will receive the necessary nutrition and dry less.
  9. To reduce the harm from dry air in the premises, take the rule of recruiting a moisturizer and lubricating your hands during the day. Let the tube always be in front of your eyes, for example, near the computer monitor.
  10. In the cold season avoid long hot baths – from them the skin quickly dehydrates, loses the protective lipid layer, reduces its tone.
  11. In summer, even in the city, use sunscreen. Large portions of ultraviolet light eventually lead to the appearance of pigment spots and wrinkles.


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