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Protection Of Wood From External Influences – Diy

Wood is prone to rot, so any wooden object is subject to mandatory processing.
The main enemy of wood is the humidity of the air. Also, wood products are harmed by: temperature changes, condensation, freezing and contact with the ground.

Protection Of Wood From External Influences – Diy

Decay of wood can be prevented by treatment with special means. The main thing is to do it in time.

For example, thermal insulation and vapor barrier protects wood from condensation.
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Special varnishes and paints protect the wood from atmospheric humidity.

Protective equipment
Wood protective agents are paints, varnishes and antiseptics. The paint protects against decay and refreshes the appearance. The varnish prevents the appearance of cracks, gives a glossy or matte look. Thanks to the varnish, the surface of the wood does not fade.
Processing technology

Before construction, the material undergoes wood processing – immersion in solution. This method requires special equipment.

When an object has already been constructed, it can be protected by spraying. You need to buy a spray gun and use it to apply a protective paint and varnish on wood.

Application of a protective agent

Before applying it is important to prepare the wood:

  • clean from dirt and dust;
  • get rid of gaps with sandpaper;
  • Wash the boards with warm water and detergent solution;
  • allow the wood to dry completely.

After these procedures, it is possible to apply a protective agent. Follow the instructions in the instructions for use.

When applying any protective equipment, remember your own safety. It should not come into contact with your skin and eyes. To protect the respiratory system, it is important to use a respirator when spraying the product.

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Varnishes are the most well known products when it comes to wood protection. In addition to enhancing it, they are resistant to impacts, heat, abrasion and water.
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Wood varnishes can be made from solvent or water. This is similar to the first, but less toxic.

When it comes to parts that will be directly exposed to sunlight for a long time, it is recommended to use products with a double “sunscreen”. Protection against UV rays can be up to triple.

However, varnishes with strong sunscreen tend to darken the wood.garden furniture

According to most manufacturers, for exterior uses, it is ideal to apply three coats of the product. This ensures better protection.

Be aware therefore, in some cases, this can be a condition for the validity of the certificate of guarantee of the effectiveness of the varnish.

On the other hand, if the idea is to maintain the natural appearance of the wood, the best option may be the maritime veneer, which offers good protection, does not change the color of the wood and is generally more economical.

Stain to Protect Furniture and External Wood Structures

Another option is stain, considered by many architects and furniture manufacturers as the best way to protect wood in outdoor environments.

The stain is an impregnant (ie, penetrates the veins of the wood) that protects the surfaces against moisture, sun and fungi.
In some versions it has insecticidal action for protection against pests such as termites, drills and others.

In comparison with the varnish, it forms a very thin film that does not peel over time and does not crack with the prolonged action of the sun and the rains. After all, it penetrates the fibers and accompanies the movements of the wood.
protect exterior
It is the best option for those who want to preserve the most natural aspect of the pieces.

It is important to be aware when buying this product because there are two types of stain: condoms and finishing. In outdoor environments the ideal is the condom, which should have on the label a record that certifies its fungicide action.

But be careful when choosing. The stain has its reduced durability in softwoods.
For this type of wood specific varnishes already exist in the market.

For the application of any condom stain, it is recommended that the piece be clean, dry and dry,  with a moisture content of less than 20%.

In the case of wood directly exposed to the sun and rains, it is not recommended to use the colorless (transparent) version, which will deteriorate very quickly.

According to manufacturers, this type of product is suitable for areas with medium solar exposure, such as balconies, gazebos, ceilings and eaves.

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