Psychological Impotence

Psychological Impotence: Treatment

Psychological Impotence: the psychological causes of impotence are due to a certain internal state. They can include some specific sexual fantasies, memories, visual images. Libido is formed on the basis of similar images. The corresponding impulses come to the spinal cord, then they reach the genital organs. There is an increase in the penis and the penis becomes ready for sexual intercourse. Erection in a man arises not only from tactile sensations, but also from the images present in thoughts.
Psychological Impotence

Psychological Impotence

Features of the psyche of men also play a big role in the development of dysfunction. Men’s fantasies can be associated with unusual or unconventional sex. Sexual desire is often reduced due to various genetic and innate characteristics. Low self-esteem in the sexual issue arises from past psychological trauma in sex.

Erection with any psychoneurological disorders is significantly reduced. A man can greatly experience and be anxious when a woman is pregnant, having a serious illness. Very often a man has impotence, the causes of which are hidden deep in the subconscious or in past grievances.

Psychological impotence is a depressing phenomenon. A man constantly lives in stress, which is not able to satisfy a woman and is not a sex giant. Meanwhile, the pathological process is constantly evolving further. Inability to relax in bed leads to a deterioration or total impossibility of erection.

How to get rid of psychological impotence forever, only a qualified medical expert will tell you. Today, there are many psychological practices, various effective techniques that help a man feel like a king in bed.

The causes of psychological impotence are various factors, one of them is psychological. The problem can be solved with the help of introspection, understand the reason for yourself.

Psychological Impotence

An effective method is a relaxing environment and a naked female body. A woman should be playful.

Psychological Impotence: we recommend drinking some sedatives, you can use folk methods of treatment based on herbs.
Psychological Impotence
Psychological Impotence: Protect yourself from stressful situations, change your lifestyle, often make yourself happy, pay more attention to what brings pleasure.

Psychological Impotence: When using traditional drugs, PDE-5, Eromax inhibitors are used, which are used according to the doctor’s prescription. Also use the preparation Trittico and ointment Nitromaz, which help in the treatment of impotence with psychological reasons.

Treating with Trittico

Trittico is a drug that is an antidepressant, relieves tension, fatigue, helps with insomnia, fighting alcohol, stabilizes the emotional state, restores sexual desire. It is often used for psychological impotence. Assign to take a day not more than 200 mg. The drug is not addictive, but has contraindications: individual intolerance.

You can do yoga, meditation, auto-training. All these measures will help to get rid of phobias and fears faster. The main thing in treatment is the stabilization of the psychoemotional state of a man.

Treatment may include the use of sedatives. Medicines should be prescribed by the attending physician. They will help to relax and not experience negative emotions. Doctors recommend to completely stop using alcohol and smoking. Harmful habits have a very negative effect on men’s health. Smoking nicotine provokes blockage of blood vessels and insufficient blood supply to the sexual organ.

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