Put Paper on the Wall

How to Put Paper on the Wall

How to Put Paper on the Wall

Learn how to put wallpaper on the wall, what you need, and important tips for having paper on the wall without wrinkles.

Glues, tools and materials to put paper on the wall

There is a wide range of adhesives for this purpose on the market, some supplied powdered to mix with water and others in ready-to-use tubes. Ask your supplier to advise you, as the type of glue depends on the weight of the paper. Some paper types are sold with pre-coated reverse glue or stickers.
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Necessary utensils. A large scissors of at least 30 cm, small scissors, blades or a Stanley type knife for trimming, a sponge, a bucket for the glue and a 7 or 8 “brush for glue application, a smoothing brush or roller, a roll for corners, steel tape, plumb bob, sharp pencil and a work table about 1.80 m long and 0.60 m wide.

How to prepare the walls

How to prepare the walls

How to prepare the walls

The walls to be coated must be clean, dry and without roughness. It is not advisable to apply new paper on old paper, since new, damp material may loosen the underlying paper.

Tape the cracks with cellulose bitumen and smooth where necessary. Retouch the paints before applying the paper.

How to measure walls and buy paper

Measure the perimeter of the room, including the doors and windows, and divide the value obtained by the width of the paper chosen. The result corresponds to the number of strips or strips required. Divide the length of the roll by the height of the wall, which gives the number of strips that can be obtained per roll. Count on a reasonable margin for the correctness of the drawing.
How to put paper on the wall
Divide the number of tracks required by the number of tracks per roll to get the number of rolls to buy. Try to buy rolls with the same serial number and manufacture.

How to Cut and Glue the Wallpaper

How to Cut and Glue the Wallpaper

How to Cut and Glue the Wallpaper

As the height of the wall is 5 cm margin. Cut the paper to that extent and extend it face down on the work table so that the top edge and all excess paper are hanging from the table to the right side. Apply the glue to the center paper sideways, spine or imaginary bands, starting in this case from the center strip, and make sure that the edges also receive a good layer.

Fold the paper. Allow the glue to absorb according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. During this time, you can apply glue to another one or two strips.

How to apply wallpaper

How to apply wallpaper

How to apply wallpaper

Start on a wall adjacent to a window wall or with a spotlight. Measure from the corner the width of the paper less about 2.5 cm, so that the paper folds over the window wall.

Take the first strip of paper; unfold the top end and check the alignment with the plumb bob.

Smooth or roller to compress the center of the strip against the wall.

Then, brush the brush from the center outwards, finally compressing the edges.

Carefully glue the paper against the ceiling or molding and skirting, then lift it up and down a bit, and with a blade or knife trim the excess.

Reseat the paper in place, and then use the edge roller to ensure that the edges are glued.

Do not use corner rolls on embossed pattern patterns, except if lined with foam, so do not knead the pattern. Instead of the roller, wipe the edges with a dry sponge or a clean terrycloth.

Check the applied strip across the entire length: Eliminate any air bubbles by running a smoothing brush over the paper from the center to the edges, pressing.

The small bubbles disappear as the paper dries. If this does not happen, cut them with a blade and use a fine brush to apply new glue to the edges of the cut.

Reseat the paper and wipe excess glue with a damp cloth.

Cut the next strip after you have previously hit the drawing with the strip already glued. If you do not have much experience, cut one strip at a time, unless it is plain paper.

Continue applying the paper until you reach a corner – internal or external. Often the corners are not perfectly vertical. To avoid wrinkling on paper, measure the distance separating the last strip of paper from Corner, add 1 inch (2.5 cm) to the largest size, and cut a height of paper with this width. Paste, lay the paper down so that the extra 2.5 cm covers the corner. Then apply the rest of the cut strip so that, in the corner, it overlaps at least the margin left by the previous strip.

Check the alignment with the plumb bob.

How to correctly work out the sockets and switches

If there are sockets and switches, turn the power off at the main switch and unscrew the mirror from the socket or switch enough to cut the paper, leaving a narrow margin that should be inserted behind the mirror.

If the outlet or switch can not be removed, wring the edges of the mirror paper into the paper, then cut X, remove any surplus, and smooth the paper around.

How to put the wallpaper on the door and window frames

On the door and window frames, leave about 5 mm of margin to fold over the frame and hide any small gap or irregularity in the shoulder pads.

If the room where you are working has a central visual point, such as a stove, place the paper strip that is above the stove in the center of the stove.

Then place the strips on the sides, hitting the process used for the edges.

Do you think that after reading this article you will be able to put paper on the wall of your house?
Yes leave in the comments as you post your adventure. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments that we will answer you so that you can apply the paper to the wall without any irregularities.

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