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Raise a Boy to Be a Man. Father’s Participation In The Upbringing Of Children

The parents of the boy have a difficult task – to raise a real man from his son. By itself, the child, unfortunately, will not grow responsible and strong, it is foolish to expect that it is warm to dress and feed the son in a variety of ways, so that he will become a real man and a gentleman.

The process of education should be consistent – you need to consider both the age of the child and his willingness to absorb the knowledge and skills that loving parents want to teach him.
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In recent decades, in the age of technology development and the ever-accelerating pace of life, such a concept as the education of a real man has become undeservedly receded into the background and, as a result, disappeared.

There are three main stages of development of boys:

Stage one – from birth to 6 years.

During this period the child is most strongly connected with the mother, he must be surrounded by love, care and a sense of security.

Stage two – from 6 years to 14 years.

It is in this period that the child is laid the bulk of knowledge and concepts both in school and in other aspects of life. He is still attached to his mother, but already fully realizes himself as a man, compare himself with his father, imitate him and other adult men. It is very important not to forget at this time to teach the child the right moral values, to teach him kindness and compassion.

Stage three – from 14 years to attain adulthood.

This is the time of experiments and invaluable experience, the time when a boy becomes a teenager and learns to be responsible for his actions, to make a conscious choice. During this period, next to the child there should be a mentor – an adult, to whom he can seek advice, for help in making the right decision. Such a person minimizes the influence of incompetent peers who have not yet formed their life values. It is not necessary that this is a father, quite often children choose one of their teachers or coaches for this role.

Thus, based on the stages of development of the child, you can make a plan for his education.

So, at the first stage, the main work falls on the shoulders of the mother, it is she who provides her child with a calm and comfortable growing up during this period. But do not forget about the importance of the presence of the father in the life of the child. The boy must see and feel the love and care of both parents. It is not recommended to give a child to a nursery or kindergarten too soon, because many children under the age of 3 feel lonely and abandoned, being five days a week outside the home and parental warmth.
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From the second stage, the father must come to the fore in the education of his son – his attention to the child is key in the development and maturation of the boy. It is the father who teaches the son the main principles of the behavior of a real man and a variety of man’s wisdom.

At this age, the boy is already interested in designing, sports, fishing and many other, male, hobbies that strongly affect the child’s future destiny. Many children at this age choose their profession and hobby for their liking. But do not forget about the mother’s contribution to the upbringing of her son – her unselfish love and willingness to help is more important than ever.

At the third stage, boys quickly grow up and become young men. Almost all teenagers are restless, they crave fun and adventure. It is still difficult for parents to perceive their son as an equal, but this is perhaps the most important in education in this period.

The child should feel the trust, and not be afraid of the reaction of the parents to the girl brought to tea or a minor delay to the curfew. But, at the same time, he must realize that all responsibility for his actions lies solely on him. At this stage, the main thing is the support of the parents and their faith in the power of their own son.

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Father’s participation in the upbringing of the child.

Every adult should prepare himself to become a mother or father. And every child dreams of having a happy mother and father. Parents should not only feed their child, buy his clothes and teach him to read and write, but they are also responsible for the positive atmosphere in which he grows up.
To begin with, the role of the father is crucial in the development of your child from the moment of birth! The feeling of paternity comes to men much later than the feeling of motherhood towards women. Fathers begin to feel this with belatedness. Therefore, the best thing a father can do at the beginning is to love the mother of his child.

Father in the family

The father plays an important role in the early development of the child.

The pope is the image of a man symbolizing masculinity. Thanks to this symbolic function, the father helps his child to have an idea of ​​himself and others.

The father takes care of his wife and children, protecting them. The newborn child has a very strong influence on the strengthening of defensive instincts.

Father – the personification of order and discipline.

The father is the source of knowledge about the world, work and technology. He promotes a future career and creates socially useful goals and ideals.
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The father can form the child’s ability to initiate. The more a child is attached to his mother (in comparison with his father), the less active he will be able to withstand the aggression of others.

The father gives his child more independence, strengthens self-discipline. Thus, the father facilitates separation from the mother and accelerates adaptation to social conditions.

Father – a hero for a child who is able to disperse the danger and scare away any monster. A father can help a child fight his fears.

Qualities of a good father:

The father must devote his time to the child when necessary.
A father must have the desire and patience to explain unfamiliar phenomena, objects, experiences …
A father should be able to praise for successful studies or actions.
He must be involved in various activities of the child.
The father should be responsible for ensuring the needs of the child.
In addition, a good father should always follow with interest and participation in the growth of his child.

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The expression of the father’s love gives a special feeling of emotional and psychological well-being that the single mother can not fully provide.

The father has a very strong influence on the development of such qualities of the child as:

  1. restraint;
  2. peace of mind;
  3. calmness;
  4. optimism;
  5. hard work;
  6. a responsibility

Children are emotionally closer to the mother than to the father. In most cases, after the divorce, the child remains with the mother. But this does not mean that children do not need a father.
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Daily communication between daughter and father teaches her understanding of male psychology, teaches not to be afraid of men. Each girl, when she grows up, will try to build her relationships with men by analogy with her relationship with her father.

Paternity is a prerequisite for the full development of the child’s personality. Every child has the right to:

  • friendship with father;
  • understanding your father;
  • joint pastime.

If there is no connection with the father:

Children who have lost touch with their father at an early age can be too aggressive during puberty.

There is a feeling of inferiority. In addition, they suffer from a sense of rejection and insecurity, and other forms of fear.

A child who grew up without a father is more likely to become undisciplined and aggressive.

Boys who grew up in a family without a father may have a negative attitude towards their mother.

Girls who grew up in a family without a father feel a lack of male attention, and try to fill this need with early sexual activity.

So, the correct upbringing is in your hands. Help your child to know the world and develop.

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