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They Really Work: Strange Hacks From Experts Of Beauty

Who will give up a good hack? Time and energy are valuable resources, and if experts find an easy way to save both of them, you should pay attention to their advice. It is especially interesting when the lifhak helps to feel better and look attractive.

There are a lot of tips related to beauty, but it can be difficult to figure out which ones will really give the result.

Here are the recommendations of the leading stylists and experts in the field of beauty – these are proven secrets from the masters! Meet them – and your life will change for the better!

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Defeat the oily skin

If you just apply powder, your oily skin will look neat in the morning, but by the time the shine returns. Before you leave the house, use magnesium hydroxide – this is the ideal basis for make-up for people with oily skin.

Just shake the bottle and apply a thin layer of the substance to areas that are fat, and then rub.

Apply your usual foundation and other cosmetics as used, after which you can go on business! Do not be afraid of such an unusual technique – it is harmless to the skin and very effective. If you feel that fatiness has returned, soak the face with napkins that will absorb excess fat. You do not even need special, ordinary paper work as well.

Follow trends

Sometimes sticking to the latest trends can be difficult, especially if as a result of this make-up you look like a preschooler’s drawing.
It is now very relevant to use sparkling eye shadow, but not everyone wants to be tormented all day because of the glitter on the cheeks.

You can use a small piece of tape to quickly and accurately remove the sequins from your skin.

In that case, you can easily use shining shadows and stop worrying about leaving traces on your face.

Look perfectly even on the move

Want to look fresh all day long and do not carry a weighty cosmetic bag? It turns out that this is quite a feasible task! Just throw in the purse or purse berry lip gloss!
It is enough to put a shine on the lips, blot excess finger and rub a little on the cheeks.

You will not need any blush, or any other cosmetic means, you can do this without even looking in the mirror! This is the simplest way to make the face more lively and shining, working for girls with any color.

Care for wet hair

If your hair does not look good, you should treat them with extreme caution, especially when they are wet. Star stylists recommend to give up towels after a shower. The thing is that damp hair is elastic enough and fragile, and coarse fiber towels can damage them.
Better get rid of excess moisture in your hair with an old cotton T-shirt. This is a much safer way.
In addition, remember that the hair should not be tied in the tail, until they are dry. Eraser can damage fragile hair. If you always remember such subtleties, you can seriously improve the condition of your hair in the shortest possible time.

Restore the curls

Damaged hair requires a restoring conditioner. When laying, use a special cream and a brush with natural bristles. When the hair dries, give them a shine, applying a small amount of healing oil – for example, argan or even olive. As a result, the curls will reflect the light and it will seem that your hair has found a new life.
To restore damaged hair, you can use improvised means.

or example, try rinsing curls with apple cider vinegar, mixed with water. Do this after the shower to close the cuticle of hair and restore their shine. You can also make a home hair mask by mixing a tablespoon of coconut oil with a teaspoon of honey.
Honey helps to keep moisture in the cells, and coconut oil moisturizes, as a result your hair will look just flawless. If you have problems with dry scalp, you can also use coconut oil. Just apply a small amount directly to the skin – it miraculously helps with dryness, flaking or dandruff.

It is enough to repeat the procedure at least once a week, so that the scalp becomes well-groomed and moisturized.

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Protect hair coloring

We all know how costly hair coloring can be. If you are going to spend, you want the result to be long-term. Star experts advise using an air conditioner that does not require flushing. So you effectively protect your beautiful shade. To maintain shine and color saturation for a long time, use shampoo and conditioner, as usual, dry the hair with a towel and apply additional remedy on the tips.

Then make the styling. If hair needs restoration, dry them naturally at least several times a week so that they can rest from the hair dryer. This also contributes to the long preservation of color.
If you have a stylish coloring in a cold white or silver, you should remember that the hair tends to turn yellow after discoloration. Purple conditioner will help prevent this process. It strengthens the hair, moistens them, restores their flexibility and tones so that the color does not turn yellow.

There is a wide range of such tools, so you can easily choose the right option. If you have not been on coloring for a long time and can not find time for it, it’s okay. Just apply a few eye shadow on the roots of the hair. It’s a good way to hide the gray between stains for a while.

Increase the amount of curls

To get expressive ringlets, you need to know some simple secrets. To make the volume you should first apply conditioner, and then wash your hair with shampoo. Conditioners are often too heavy for thin hair. If you want to get a large hairstyle, use the conditioner first.

When you dry your hair, tilt your head down or just dry it in the opposite direction, compared to where you plan to style your hair.
Finally, once a week, use a cleansing shampoo to get rid of the rest of the styling products that can accumulate on the hair and weight them. You can also use a small ironing pad to lay the hair at the roots.

After creating a texture, comb the strands to get an impressive volume. Be careful to leave the upper strands without the ironing effect – they can smooth the hair from above to hide the texture. It’s very simple, and the curls will look incredibly spectacular.

Get luxurious eyelashes

Nothing is capable of transforming and beautifying your image so much as thick dark lashes. Specialists share the secret: after applying the first layer of carcasses, sprinkle eyelashes with powder or cornstarch. Then apply a few more layers of carcass.

This will allow you to get an incredible amount! This is a very simple way, you need to practice a little and you will always get a perfect result. If you use false eyelashes, twist them slightly around your finger before gluing.

So they warm up, become more flexible and nicely complement your eyes.

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