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Recipe For Shining Hair – Sugar Scrub

In this article, we will reveal the truth about how using sugar can make hair healthy, shining and “full of life.”

Sugar at first glance is simple and well-known in its application of the product. For many years there has been a continuous dispute about the benefits or dangers of this product. Of course, many scientists have already come to the conclusion that there are few useful substances in sugar.

But as always there is a small “but”, sugar does not benefit when to use it, but it is just an excellent tool in the field of cosmetology, especially in the form of scrubs for body and hair.
You know that a hair scrub is as important as a body scrub. We will try to prove it to you.
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Think, it seems, have already picked up the ideal shampoo with your hair, and an excellent balm, and an impeccable mask, but the hair still remains dull and lifeless, what else does your head of hair lack? Now we will inform you about this.

Each hair has a cuticle – this is the so-called shell that covers it. It is in these cuticles over time that dirt, dust or other similar elements accumulate, and with them it is no longer so simple to cope with the usual shampoos or balms. Hair starts to wash out badly, very quickly become dirty again, lose their natural shine and freshness. That’s what will be the first signs that they just need an effective peeling.

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Sugar scrubs for strength and shine of hair

Universal scrub for shine of hair

Density of scrub from sugar should not be thicker than porridge, so that it is easily applied to the hair and does not spread over them when applied. When the sugar is ready, we apply it not in large portions and massaging movements from the back of the head to the forehead, to dry hair, accenting its attention precisely at the roots. After such a peeling, the roots of the hair will become clean, the blood circulation will accelerate, and the hair will become shiny and silky.

There is another version of the same scrub, but instead of water you need to take the oil, for example: olive, almond, jojoba oil or grape seeds. The crystals will slide in oil and a little less scratch the scalp, while making the peeling very delicate and soft, and the mask itself will not dissolve longer.

A scrub that foams

For this scrub you will need a shampoo suitable for your hair type, some base oil and sugar. Shampoo and oil are combined in a ratio of 2: 1, mix well, and then add sugar until the gum is gruel. Now we put the finished product on wet hair, making a gentle head massage at the roots, rinse the product with warm water. If you see that the hair is not well washed off with oil, again apply, just shampoo and rinse your hair again.

Scrub with blue clay and sugar

Clay – a product known to everyone as an excellent absorbent, and if it is used in masks and scrubs, then the best way to cleanse the skin of various types of pollution simply can not be found. To prepare the scrub, we need: dry powder of white clay and sugar, in a combination of 1: 3. Mix the mixture well while it is still dry, then add water. This product is applied to damp hair, a little massaging them, leaving the scrub for 5-10 minutes, so that the clay could work better. After such a procedure, the hair will acquire beauty, docility and excellent shine.

Scrub based on shampoo, essential oils and sugar

It is this scrub enjoys the widest popularity. After all, it cleans and gives shine to hair a lot more than any other scrubs. For him, you need to take a shampoo based on natural ingredients, about 50 g, but this will depend on the length of your hair, because one serving of the scrub is done once. Then in this shampoo add a few drops of essential oils and, accordingly, sugar. The scrub should be beaten like a thick porridge so that it can be easily applied to the hair. Oils for this type of cosmetic must be selected exclusively for its type of hair.

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If the hair is dry, then you need to use orange, grapefruit or lemon oil, and if on the contrary the scalp is very sensitive and your hair is prone to quick fatness, then bergamot or tea tree oils will be useful. So be careful in choosing the oils for this scrub, they must match your type of hair. We apply this scrub to damp hair, massage the scalp for 5 minutes, then leave it for 5 minutes, then wash it off with warm water. Use such a scrub is not recommended more than once every two weeks.

Now you know that you just need to want and in the kitchen you can find at first glance simple and simple products. But if they are used for cosmetic purposes, then their properties acquire a completely different meaning. And sugar, a very simple product in any kitchen, but very good and effective in the form of scrubs for body and hair.

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