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Red And Black Pepper For Face Skin – Benefits And Masks Recipes

One of the oldest spices on the planet and today is indispensable in all the cuisines of the world. Use peppers for the face of steel due to the excellent antibacterial properties. Juicy Bulgarian – a panacea for dry skin, with the first signs of aging.

For each type of epidermis, you can choose your own variety – acute, warming or moisturizing, with a rejuvenating effect.

Beneficial features:

  1. Activates blood flow;
  2. Strengthens blood vessels;
  3. Restores biochemical processes in cells;
  4. Refreshes and rejuvenates;
  5. Attenuates acne rashes

Composition contains:

  • vitamins A, C, group B, E, K
  • mineral complex
  • organic acids

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Contraindications – individual intolerance, thin sensitive skin, couperose, blood clotting problems, wounds, burns, cracks cuts. Harm can cause a large dose of the product

Use of pepper for face

Red pepper

Spicy spices are usually used in oil and alcohol tinctures, the optimal dose is literally a few drops to enrich the finished tonic, creams, masks. In pure form, chili can not be used, otherwise it will be problematic to wash off hot pepper, the burning sensation lasts several hours. Sweet vegetable – perfectly moisturizes and refreshes, effective in lifting formulations for the age-related dermis.

Black pepper

It is enough to add a pinch of spice to a mask or scrub to feel a tonic effect. Used mainly for problem acne skin, can be used in oil applications to restore elasticity and elasticity.

Home recipes for peppermask for face

Mask against wrinkles

Bulgarian pepper is the best assistant in the diet for a young healthy skin. It is equally effective in caring procedures. Perfectly nourishes, saturates with moisture, normalizes oxygen breath.


  • Red pepper
  • 10 gr. starch
  • 5 ml of avocado oil

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Production and method of application: grind pepper, grind starch and oil. Face wipe with thermal water, ready to distribute the gruel on the surface. After waiting sixteen / eighteen minutes, remove the remainder of the mass with a damp cotton pad.

Mask of bell pepper

At home, helps against pigment spots, dryness and peeling natural cosmetics. After one procedure, the skin becomes softer and velvety, small wrinkles disappear. The charge of moisture, vitamins and minerals replenishes the lack of nutrients associated with external factors.


  • Bulgarian pepper
  • 15 g. gelatin
  • 15 drops of grape oil

Production and method of application: squeeze out the juice from a fresh vegetable, pour gelatin crystals, stir until completely dissolved, mix the components and distribute them on the surface using a flat wide brush, eyebrow hair growth line should be greased with a thick cream.

Apply the composition in layers, after half an hour, carefully remove the frozen film.

Brightening Mask

Sweet red pepper for the face has a rejuvenating and refreshing effect. Removes swelling and swelling, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, strengthens the facial capillaries. Indispensable cosmetic for clarifying the age and photopigmentation.


  • Red pepper
  • 10 gr. rice flour
  • 20 ml cream

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Production and method of application: the fruit, after cleaning from seeds, grind on a kitchen machine, introduce fat cream and cereal powder. Spread on the covers, following the direction of the lymph flow, leave to act for twenty minutes.

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