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Remove Stains From Clothes – Tips That’ll Save You So Much Money

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This article is a real find for every girl or woman. After all, we all had to say goodbye to your favorite thing one time because of one speck that we could not remove. But today everything will change! We suggest you learn about these incredibly useful tips, how to get rid of various stains on things.

They will help keep your things clean and enjoy their wearing for a long time.

You must have dropped fat meat or shed your juice at least once. How many favorite things have ruined the hard-to-remove spots!
To prevent this from happening again, keep an instruction that will help you wash anything! Get rid of stains forever.

How to remove stains from clothes

Dishwashing liquid

Enjoy ice cream, it starts to melt, and you suddenly notice the stain on the sarafan.

No problem! Wash off the stains from summer dessert can be as follows: soak a thing in cold water for 10 minutes, add a dishwashing detergent, and then wash as usual.


After sorting out into nature, you can find spots from anything! About the recently eaten shish kebab will certainly remind a fat stain on clothes.

If it is fresh, then you can rub small salt into this place, it degreases the fabric. With the ingestion of contamination cope with ammonia.


To wash the perspiration aspirin will help. Fill a glass of warm water with 4 crushed tablets. Moisten this spot solution and leave the thing for 2 hours, then wash.

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If you mix 1 liter of milk and 2 tbsp. l. lemon juice, it turns out an excellent tool that will remove stains from berries.

Leave things for 2 hours in this liquid, and then rinse and wash in soapy water.

Shaving cream

The age-old problem of women is a foundation on clothes. To remove stains at home, you need to apply a shaving cream on the fabric and leave for 20 minutes. Then just wash the thing.

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It happens that you do not know where the trouble came from and how to deal with it correctly. Here’s what you need to do in this case: consider the pollution, walk on it with a brush for clothes and clean the top layer of dirt.

Then wipe the place with a damp cloth. 30C (86F) is the optimum water temperature for washing spots of unknown origin.

Lemon juice

This ingredient will help you to remove traces of raspberries, blueberries, grapes and other fruits, as well as chocolate. Pour out the juice from the lemon, mix with vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio.

Wipe the mixture on the stain with a cotton disc and gently rub it.


Wash the ketchup with white vinegar. Do such manipulations: remove the soiled clothes inside out and wash it with cold water. For 10 minutes, leave it in the water with the stain remover, then rinse.

Rub the stain with vinegar, if it has not disappeared, then repeat this procedure several times.

Such simple household tips will be useful to any woman! Personally, I discovered for myself an amazing thing that will finally get rid of such hard-to-remove stains from foundation or other cosmetics.

I did not know what to do with them, but it turned out all so simple! It takes only 20 minutes of time and the usual shaving foam and stains from foundation cream, as it has not happened. It’s good that I have not yet thrown out the blouses stained with foundation cream, now I will run them to reanimate!

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