How To Repair Worn Heel Boots

How To Repair Worn Heel Boots

How To Repair Worn Heel Boots

It is important to solve heel problems as quickly as possible. Most can be repaired at home if the wear is relatively light, but if you continue to wear the heels unevenly, it will all have to be replaced, which may require a professional. The longer you let the problem persist, the worse it will be for your shoe and your body.

Many types of heels can be repaired at home, but not all. If the wear is more than 0.15 cm, you will have to take a large amount of the heel causing the shoe to run out of balance. Likewise, if the heel is made of layers that are breaking, you will have to replace all of it. In this case, your best bet is to find a good shoemaker in your city.


  1. Remove any cover from the sole of the heel, such as a rubber, if the wear is less than 1.5mm and the heel is still intact.
  2. Replace the rubber. If you’re lucky, this will be the only part you need. Decide with what material you will replace. You can do it with vulcanized rubber, cutting the exact dimensions of the heel, or you can buy it if you find the right size.
  3. Use a sandpaper to leave the rubber smooth and flat. Make sure it is level using the ruler. Clean dust thoroughly.
  4. Use the same nail holes to attach the new rubber if they were originally used. Align the rubber and use the hammer and nails to engage. Do not hammer them completely until coated with glue.
  5. Keep the nails away from the rubber. Cover them with a strong glue and hammer them to make sure they are firm. Pass glue also on the sides and wipe the excesses. Use the staples to hold the rubber in place until the glue dries. If you have chosen a good rubber, it will last for a long time.

Even if remodeling your shoes at home is a rewarding experience, it is worth checking the prices of local shoemakers as the repair can be surprisingly cheap.

They also have access to the best and most suitable materials. If footwear is expensive, you will probably make a good long-term investment by paying for a professional repair.
If your shoes remain uneven on a uniform surface, it pays to check with a podiatrist. You can use insoles to help balance.

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