replace heels in women's shoes

How to replace heels in women’s shoes

How to replace heels in women’s shoes

Women’s shoes are bound to lose their heels. With daily wear and tear, the heels can break or drop from the footwear, causing you to stumble.

A heel that comes off is not enough reason to buy another pair of shoes. Instead, save money and replace the broken heel with a new one.


  1. Find a heel of the same size and shape as the other shoe if it is necessary to replace that part. It is essential that it be the same, to ensure that shoes are the same size when you walk. If they are different, the jumps may present a stumbling block.
  2. Scrape the old glue from the broken heel. To do this, use a razor blade or, if you are lucky, you can remove it by hand, as if it were a piece of skin. It is important to remove the entire product to ensure that the new glue has good adhesion.
  3. Apply a generous amount of glue on the tip of the heel, where it is attached to the shoe. You can use a special glue, a super glue, a multipurpose glue or a carpenter’s glue, although you are more likely to get a more secure fit with the super glue.
  4. Press the butted glue end on the back of the shoe. Hold until it is tightly attached.
  5. Remove any excess glue using a dry cloth.
  6. Let the glue dry overnight.
  7. Apply, with hammer, some nails through the heel and the sole of the shoe. You can buy them at a local shoe repair shop.

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