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How To Replace Salt, Why It Is Important To Reduce Consumption

A diet low in salt – who is prescribed it? How useful is it for everyone? And how to switch to malosolenuyu food? After all, such food, in the first place, may seem insipid, and secondly, the habit of salting is the second nature.

Let’s start immediately with scientific dietary recommendations. According to medical data, a day a person should eat no more than one teaspoon of salt (which is about 10 grams), and this applies to exceptionally healthy people. Those who have such diseases as diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney problems, or people older than 51 years should limit its consumption by 1.5 times.

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But there is one difficulty: almost all ready-made meals or semi-finished products already contain salt, which leads to the fact that people exceed the daily limit by two or three times, without even knowing it. For example, 100 grams of ham contains 5-6 grams of salt!

Yes, salt adds a taste of food, but in excessive quantities it can significantly shorten the life span. Research scientists have already proved that the abundance of this mineral in the daily diet increases the risk of developing hypertension, heart disease or blood vessels.
How To Replace Salt

How to reduce salt intake?

Reduce the amount of salt in the diet can be without compromising the taste of the dish – for this it is worth using simple but very effective advice. As a result, it will be possible to significantly improve the state of health, reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases and other problems.

Choose a natural food

Semi-finished products or products that have already undergone initial treatment often contain a lot of salt (it is used as a preservative that prolongs the shelf life). The best way to control the amount of this mineral in the diet is to try to cook all the dishes from scratch. Even without culinary skills, you can learn from books or recipes on the Internet to do everything with your own hands, starting with simple salads and ending with complex pates.
How To Replace Salt

How to replace salt?

“Without salt” does not mean that the dish will be fresh and tasteless, because there are many different condiments that will help reduce sodium content in the dish, without affecting its culinary value.

You can use several interesting ideas that everyone will like:

  1. marinate pork or chicken in wine or citrus juices;
  2. a mixture of spices can be made and independently, combining sage, thyme, pepper, onions and other natural seasonings to taste;
  3. carrots are well stewed in nutmeg and cinnamon;
  4. potatoes should be sprinkled with parsley or dill before roasting;
  5. Chili powder will give a pleasant taste to fresh dishes, but it is important not to overdo it, because it is sharp enough;
  6. chopped garlic – this is a real find: it improves the taste of the dish, without causing any harm to human health, and further strengthens the immune system;
  7. salted cheeses in dishes (for example, “mozzarella” or “feta”) should be replaced with analogues with a low sodium content.

How To Replace Salt

The result is useful food for people without much salt. The taste of the dishes is somewhat unusual, but very pleasant. By the way, mistresses can easily experiment with spices and additives, creating culinary masterpieces for the health of the whole family.

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