Restored furniture gives uniqueness to the environment

Restored furniture gives uniqueness to the environment

Restored furniture gives uniqueness to the environment

Placing restored furniture in the home décor can give a sophisticated and unique air to the environment. Because they are usually old pieces, modern rooms end up gaining a retro and unusual aspect.

Restored furniture
However, we emphasize that it is necessary to know dosage and be careful not to mix elements that do not talk to each other, leaving the environment loaded and without harmony. “This does not necessarily mean that all furniture should have the same style. Classical and modern elements, for example, despite opposites, complement each other by breaking the barrier of straight lines versus rounded lines,” he explains.

If the idea is to insert a single piece restored in the environment, the ideal is to highlight it, creating the feeling that it was previously thought for that environment, not simply thrown there. Whether with lighting or in contrast to the color of the wall, the important thing is that the part is highlighted in the environment.
Often, space was not thought to receive a given piece. We inherit or buy something that brings us memories, family stories, warmth, or identity, and in this case, I think it is very important not to discard such a valuable article of sentimental character.

If there is more than one piece restored in the same room, the tip is the opposite. You should choose only two styles that please more and try to make them blend, as if they were a single style. Collect materials, colors and finishes, avoiding the environment being heavy and with many visual elements.

When composing the home decor, try not to visualize the piece separately: always picture it inside the set. Each element adds up to visual weight. In other words, many colors added to many materials added to many finishes create weights to the environment, take lightness and tire quickly.

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