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Rice Beauty – Benefits Of Rice For Skin And Shape

Rice is an extremely useful product for skin and figure beauty. It perfectly cleanses the body and accelerates the metabolism, successfully fights against cholesterol, maintaining our harmony, and linoleic acid and the squalene antioxidant stimulate active skin production of collagen. Here are a few recipes that will be useful for every woman …

Rice Diet

If you want to lose weight comfortably, pay attention to the rice diet. Especially effective diet on rice and cucumber – working in tandem, they effectively rejuvenate the body, help actively burn fat and cleanse the body of accumulated slag. Another important fact – with a minimum consumption of calories foods for a long time give a feeling of satiety.
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The diet is very simple: for a day you will need three servings of unsalted rice cooked on the water, and three small cucumbers. With cucumbers peel, three it in a grater and add to the finished rice porridge, that’s all. If someone is very fresh, you can lightly pour lemon juice. Duration of the diet is three days, for which you will lose 2-3 kilograms. If you want to lose weight further or more, see the material rice diet – all 6 popular options in front of you, choose any.

Rice Peeling

Those who use peeling for cleansing the face and décolleté, as well as in the cellulite zone, the rice variant is perfect. The whole difference is in cooking. For the face and decollete we boil 3 spoons of rice, mix with a spoon of white clay, knead, we dilute it with mineral water and apply soft movements to the face and décolletage zone, steamed with a hot towel (towel into hot water, squeeze and hold for a minute on face and decollete ).

We massage it for a minute (without much pressure, this is important) and wait 5 minutes until it dries slightly, then wash off with the same mineral water. Done. More tips and videos on how to do peeling at home, on a reference.

For peeling the zone of cellulite, rice should not be cooked at all – we take 3 tablespoons of rice and oat flakes, grind in a coffee grinder, add a teaspoon of salt and a table vegetable oil, we interfere. We take a warm bath so that the skin is steamed, take a mitten or a loofah and 3-5 minutes actively massage with rice peel thigh and buttocks.

Rice mask for the face.

After face peeling, use the rice mask perfectly. As we have already said, rice helps the skin to actively produce collagen – the most important substance, so that the skin looks young, beautiful and healthy. Here is the recipe for an elementary mask – boil 3 tablespoons of rice in a glass of water (leave water, it will come in handy), dilute it thoroughly, add a tablespoon of honey and 1-2 warm milk to make a thick slurry.

This mask is applied to clean and dry skin and remains on the face until completely dry. We wash off the mask with the same water in which rice was boiled – it normalizes the acid-base balance and soothes the skin.
Who liked it, we recommend even more recipes in the article rice masks for facial skin.

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