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Rice Diet – Improves Health

Rice diet is one of the most popular diets in the world, it is the rice diet that is recommended for those who want to lose weight stably and correctly.

Why is the rice diet such attention? Firstly, rice itself is a very useful and nutritious product. It is no accident that the cuisine of many Asian countries is built on rice. Rice diet is the reason or not, but to find a full person in China, Korea or Japan is not so easy.

In addition, the purifying effect of rice is very important, which gives the rice diet to join the most famous diets – it perfectly cleanses the body of salts, slags and other harmful substances. Thus, on a rice diet you not only lose weight, but also cleanse and heal your body.

Another big plus – each person can find for himself such a rice diet, which is most convenient for him. Someone is more suited to a hard version of the diet, someone more relaxed and pleasant for the body.

Rice diet for weight loss 5 volumes

The simplest rice diet for weight loss and body cleansing is called a “five-volume” system. Its essence is simple, it only takes a little time to prepare. So, take five small jars or glasses, put in each two tablespoons of rice and fill in 200 gr. clean water, and every day you change the water.

So 4 days, on the fifth day in the morning take the first jar, drain the water, eat the rice as is, without cooking, again put rice into this jar and fill it with water, then put the last in your row. The next day you also do the same with jar number two, it turns out that every day you eat rice, settled in different waters for 4 days.

What is good about this rice diet option? The fact that rice is cleaned of unnecessary impurities and, getting into the body, begins to remove salt from it, namely excess salts lead to a delay in the body of water. This is a very important advantage of the rice diet, because otherwise the body is forced to retain moisture to maintain the required degree of salt saturation.

Thus, the rice diet relieves the body of harmful substances and does not affect the muscle mass. The duration of such an “impact” is 2 weeks, and naturally, when using this rice diet, breakfast will have to be removed and sharply limited consumption of salt to achieve a great effect, otherwise it makes sense to remove salt if they are immediately added through food.

As you understand, rice in this version of the rice diet for weight loss is consumed only in the morning, before breakfast. His task in this case is a mild cleansing of the body. If you want this option of rice diet was effective in terms of weight loss, exclude bread, sugar, potatoes and pasta for two weeks from your menu.

Variant of rice diet “Two dishes”

Probably, you guessed that the first dish in this diet for weight loss is rice. And the second is seafood or fish. Thus, a day on this rice diet you can eat only two plates of food – one plate of rice and one fish or seafood. Mix fish and rice is impossible, but you can add greens to both products.

Probably, this method is most suitable for Japanese food, than the notorious Japanese diet. The duration of the rice diet is 5 days.

Rice diet with grapefruit and bell pepper

European dieticians often recommend to their patients for weight loss a rice diet, where rice is combined with grapefruit juice and Bulgarian pepper. These products further accelerate the metabolism plus give the body additional useful substances and vitamins, the amount of which in the rice diet is actively reduced. So, cook rice on the water, about 300-350 grams, and divide it into three portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Before each meal, for 20-25 minutes, you need to drink half a glass of grapefruit juice, and add a half of the Bulgarian pepper to the portion. Thus, all three meals are the same for you. The proposed diet option lasts three days, after which if you want to prolong weight loss, you need to make enough greenery and vegetables in your diet (for example cucumbers and a tomato, at least one piece each). And do not forget that on a rice diet you need to drink plenty of water.

Rice diet for weight loss with fresh cucumber

Fresh cucumber is 90 percent structured water, so it gives a feeling of satiety with a minimum amount of calories. This opportunity is used by those who wish to lose weight, using a rice diet with cucumber – an excellent option for those who suffer from hunger.

As in the previous version, for a day you need three portions of unsalted rice cooked on water, and in each serving we will rub on the average fresh cucumber (the crust from the vegetable needs to be removed). Rice with grated cucumber can be poured with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, they clean the freshness, but remember that they can kindle appetite, so use them carefully.

The duration of this rice diet is from 3 to 5 days. It is advisable at this time to additionally take a multivitamin.

Rice diet for weight loss with buckwheat and honey

A very interesting variant of the rice diet was developed in Germany – the specialists of one of the clinics that is profiled on the treatment of obesity noted a clear positive trend of losing weight among those patients who used this method.

At the same time this rice diet is perfectly suitable for home conditions. So, the essence. Take five tablespoons of rice and buckwheat and boil them on the water separately from each other to a steep porridge. Then join together, add one tablespoon of honey, a half teaspoon of lemon juice, mix everything thoroughly and put it under a strong press into the refrigerator for two hours.

You will get a tight piece of product – that’s it you have to eat during the day. Eat not by time, but when you feel hungry, cut off a piece the size of a five-kopeck coin and slowly dissolve it, trying to hold it in your mouth for as long as possible. On the day you have on this rice diet should be about 6-7 meals, the course – 5 days. And you need to drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters a day.

Effective slimming rice diet for 7 days

This rice diet is also very understandable – for breakfast, lunch and dinner you eat only rice in combination with fresh vegetables and greens – any vegetables, so the menu is very extensive. Condition – the amount of vegetables in a dish should not exceed the amount of rice.

And remember that if rice and vegetables are allowed, you should not eat their bags – it’s still a diet, and the size of the dishes should be minimally possible. At noon during this version of the rice diet can be fruit, and everything else should be excluded.

It is also very important to remove from the diet seasonings, mayonnaise, sauces in plastic and salt, replacing them with useful olive oil and soy sauce.

Hard variant of rice diet

And, finally, the most difficult and hard option is a rice diet for weight loss called “Glass of rice”. Such a rice diet can not last more than three days and repeat more often than once in ten days. Its task is to lose weight in the shortest possible time. There is no menu here – one glass of rice per day is allowed, you can eat it at a time or stretch it for a day as you want.

For those who can not cope with their hunger, nutritionists are allowed to eat a couple of green apples a day, and if this does not help, alas, this is not your way, try first a days off or other mono-diets. Physical exercise, fitness during the “glass of rice” diet are undesirable, it’s okay if you skip one lesson, the diet is very short.

And about the use of liquid. With any variation in the rice diet, water is welcome, because it is necessary to remove many salts from the body so that they do not again deposit elsewhere. You can use clean (but not mineral) drinking water, green or red tea without sugar.

Attention – right after eating in a rice diet you can not drink, rice should fulfill its function. Drink in an hour and a half after eating or twenty minutes before eating.

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