Rope For Weight Loss

The Rope For Weight Loss. 7 reasons for buying this simple sports equipment.

Looking for the most effective ways of training for losing weight? Stop your attention on the rope, which from children’s entertainment has long been turned into one of the most powerful weapons to combat unwanted fatty deposits. And if you are still tormented by the anguish of choice, then we give 7 reasons for buying this simple sports equipment.The 3 Week Diet

1. The first and most obvious reason to buy a rope is a desire to improve your muscle tone, work of the circulatory system, strengthen your heart and endurance. With all these tasks, the rope does the trick.

2. Do you judge yourself for a cupcake for breakfast? Take the rope in your hands and get down to school: an hour of exercise with a rope burns more than 700 calories at 120 jumps per minute. Determine the number of jumps and even lost during the exercise of calories can be using modern rope with built-in counters.
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3. Rope – budget alternative to the sports hall. The load that accompanies the jumps is comparable to running on the track at maximum speed. In this case, not only the legs and buttocks are involved in jumping, but also the muscles of the press, arms and back. Want more effective training – get a rope with weighting.

4. With a rope you can fight even with cellulite, as along with blood circulation, jumps improve and lymph flow.

5. Skipping rope will help to warm up before intensive training, after all, again, it is during the jumps that a large number of muscle groups are involved. 5-10 minutes jumping rope and you can safely do approaches to the bar.
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6. The rope is not only equal to an intense run in speed, but it is comparable to a 3 km run and all this in only 10 minutes of jumping.

7. In addition to all the above, jumping rope will help improve dexterity and coordination, because in addition to muscles, rope exercises are also trained by the vestibular system.

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In addition, the skipping rope is perhaps the easiest sporting equipment that you can use for fitness at home. And this applies to both women and men.The 2 Week Diet

The most effective exercises for weight loss have been and still are aerobic exercise. And if you are hard to call a fan of running or swimming, then the rope will come to the rescue. The main attribute of your childhood with proper use will turn into a “killer” simulator, which will get rid of excess centimeters and accelerate metabolism.

Slimming with a rolling pin starts with a warm-up, straining your torso and arms, leave only the brushes relaxed, due to the movement of which the rope will rotate. Press the arms bent at the elbows to the trunk and start with the jumps of minimum intensity.

You can start with the simplest jumps. Leaving hands pressed to the body, and the legs put together, slightly bend them in the knees to reduce the load on the joints during jumping. Push your foot and land on your toes. Two or three dozen jumps and you can proceed to the following exercises.

Now increase the complexity, let’s alternately load it on the left, then on the right foot. First make 20 jumps changing legs each time, then 10 alternating through two jumps and as many in three. Increase the effectiveness of the exercise can be completed by alternating jumps with a high hip raising.

The most difficult jumps on the rope are also alternating. Legs should be placed on the width of the shoulders or slightly narrower, pushing one of the feet a step forward. Starting to jump, change the position of the legs in flight. 20-30 jumps and you can back to sleep, making 10 repetitions of 3 jumps back and forth.

The duration of the hitch is determined independently, based on your well-being. Jump on your feet alternately, starting with a low tempo and gradually building it up over time. In conclusion, make 20 jumps with a change of legs.

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