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How To Save Physical and Mental Energy At Any Age

Poor health at any age is not necessarily a sign of a beginning illness. Deteriorating ecology, indiscriminate eating habits and lack of life goals, all this is the cause of energy leakage. A few simple tips will help you increase your vitality and be in good shape at any age.

How To Save Physical and Mental Energy At Any Age

You are still young, but you already have sleep disorders, mood swings and poor health. Nervous work, malfunctions in family life, debilitating diets, do not add to you neither youth, nor calmness. What to do?
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First, sleep. Leave all problems for tomorrow, do not think about them before going to sleep. You do not give proper rest to your brain or body. There are many ways for quiet sleep. In case of emergency, take a sedative.

Take care of your health. No matter how busy you are, take the time to visit the doctor. Better yet, make it a mandatory item in your schedule. Observe your body, with the first violations, even minor ones, contact the therapist. For example, constant fatigue can be caused by a disease of the thyroid gland.

Include your favorite music. Even a very bad mood can improve with the first sounds of your favorite melody.

Think about yoga. No wonder they say that the physical body and the spiritual are interconnected. Yoga will help you bring both in balance.

Remove the negative from life. There are always things at work or at home that cause irritation. Try to get rid of them or change your attitude, you immediately feel a surge of energy.

Forget about caffeine. Use only natural substances. For example, a glass of water with lemon juice, green or ginger tea, will add to you cheerfulness not worse than strong coffee.

People who have reached the age of forty may have problems with the heart and the locomotor system. This is due to slower cell renewal. Weakening of the respiratory muscles, there is shortness of breath, immunity weakens. In women, menopause destroys energy. Memory worsens, headaches, inexplicable outbursts of rage and rapid fatigue. All this is due to aging of the brain. Over the years, the number of brain cells decreases, which can lead to dementia.

The aging process can be slowed down if you do the following.

Regular fasting. Just do not forget to consult a therapist. It is not all equally useful to everyone. Legibility in eating is also welcome, eliminate alcohol and overeating.

Take vitamins. What you get with fruits and vegetables is not enough. But vegetables, greens and fruits should be in your daily diet in sufficient quantities.

Walk more. Choose places of walks farther from highways. Ventilate the room, buy a humidifier. If there is no such possibility, place cups of water in the corners.

Meditate. You can read about the benefits of meditation in this article.

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Fall in Love. Nothing comes back to life like a new feeling.

Dance. Sign up for the dances of your dreams. What did you dream about as a child? It’s never too late to make a dream come true.

Develop the brain. Learn to play chess or other games you do not understand before. Solve crosswords, puzzles, learn poems, all these actions will not allow the brain to decrease in volume.
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After fifty years, there are malfunctions with the digestive and urinary system. Women lose their hearing, sight and smell. There is a danger of oncology and other diseases. In addition, in addition to various sores comes dissatisfaction with his appearance. The oval of the face floats, the body becomes fat and in the mirror you want to look less and less often.

Life is not happy, and endless worries are undermining the remaining supply of energy. How to fill it?

Laugh out loud. Exclude from watching the news, serials with murders and etc. In life, and so little joy, so why aggravate? See kind old comedies, women’s films with a happy ending.

Take care of yourself. A new fascinating hobby will distract from bad thoughts about approaching old age.

Draw strength in love for your grandchildren. Take them to yourself for the whole weekend, baby energy will bring you back to life.

Be kind to others. Remember in childhood how you called a neighbor an old hag and ran away when you met her. Do you really want to be the same? Do not grumble at the sight of a child playing, childhood for that and given to make noise and play about.
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And remember – at any age there are pluses. You just need to find your niche for yourself, be useful and necessary, then the life force will not leave you for many years to come.

Surely everyone has heard about the water cycle in nature, but not many know about the cycle of energy in nature, or rather about the relationship of a person, his thoughts, actions and the quantity and quality of energy. And it is very important to correctly understand this process of energy exchange, which affects the life of any person.

Our life is nothing more than a cycle of energies, some of the energies are constantly consumed and have to be constantly replenished. Well, when there is a balance between the inflow and the expenditure of energy, but do many have it? If there is no balance and energy exchange is disturbed, then we have either an excess of energies or a defect, and that, and then negatively affects us.

In excess, energy is looking for a way out, it can happen in any form, often the most unexpected – from enthusiasm to rabies, and even excessive weight. In the second case, with a lack of energy, the body searches for the energy that is missing by any means. Here is the answer to the question of where energy vampires come from – they simply have nowhere else to take energy from you, and they will do everything to get it. In scandals, resentments, rage, indignations, hysterics … there is that necessary surge of energy, which they catch, and make up for their lack.

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So what do you do – spend or accumulate energy? To spend, because only so it is possible to renew energy. If you keep everything in yourself, there is a stagnation of energy, a swamp – nothing goes anywhere and does not come. And that something has come, you need to vacate the place. Nature does not tolerate emptiness, it necessarily fills it. But if you try to pour water into a filled glass, the water will pour out.
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Where can you get energy? The easiest way is through food. This is one of the most powerful sources of simple and vital energy. If energy does not come with food, for example during a fasting, then there is a decline in strength, weakness, apathy, the body saves energy for minimal expenditure of energy. Food and drink, it’s basically rough energy, which nourishes the muscles and physiological systems of the body. But, accumulating, gross energy begins to dominate the body, and the perception of a person is coarsened. Negative emotions, anger, feelings require an increased expenditure of nervous and emotional energy. That’s why so often, when we are nervous, we want to eat.
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Also, physical energy can be taken from sports, exercise and sleep. Rough energy is needed for the body and they are sufficient only to replenish physical forces, but the psyche requires more subtle energy.

Thin and ultra-thin energies are the basis for intellectual, creative work and the higher the creative potential of a person, the more energy it consumes. Moreover, the more developed a person is spiritually, the higher his consciousness, the more subtle energy (food) he needs. At a minimum, this is vegetarianism.

Any food related to the killing of living things (meat, fish, eggs, etc.), when digested, gives only a rough energy, which is transformed into negative emotions: aggression, anger, irritability, etc., which in turn affects to our minds (horror movies, news of catastrophes and accidents, murders, violence, terror, fear, rivalry – that accompanies our daily life). You say that there is no direct connection? There is. Try to live at least 1 month on vegetarian food without a TV and preferably somewhere in nature and keep track of your emotional state. You can not imagine what changes you will make in one month.

The energy of living Nature is a subtle energy that awakens in us pure thoughts and exalted feelings, restores us. Remember fairy tales, epics – our ancestors ate energy mother earth, and no one could defeat them. We, for the most part, broke away from the ground and from our roots, we turned our world upside down.

There are even more subtle energies, so-called, spiritual energies. Having reached a certain level, the person becomes more receptive and sensitive, the inner call is heard distinctly and the anguish is not known for what. So begins the spiritual search for man, the search for the meaning of life and the highest goal.

Everyone has his own way, but the one thing that unites them is the reluctance to live like everyone else and live their lives for nothing. The use of spiritual energy is unlimited, it is everywhere and everywhere, but not everyone can learn not only to take it, but also to give.

Everything that Nature gives us, she does not give so that we have, but to give to others. Otherwise, there is no energy exchange. Such energy transforms a person on a cellular level, his consciousness evolves, which guides his actions, and a person changes before his eyes – he does not kill, change, lie or steal, and this is not because he can not or will be punished, but because he and the head does not come.
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A person with subtle energies is able to get rid of any addictions, illnesses, negative thoughts, vices, from everything that prevents his evolution from the human animal (living in base instincts) to the human person (living heart, love, high ideals), and then man deified.

How to understand how much energy you have?

It’s enough to look at yourself and the world around you. Our world is a reflection of our inner state, a reflection of our habits and foundations.

If you like the world in which you live, and you are happy, then you are all right with the exchange of energy, you know how to take and give, know how to create and see the beauty in small things, you love and are loved.

But, if the world seems gray and monotonous to you, you are working on wear and tear, and scandals and disobedient children are waiting for the house, and nothing pleases or inspires them, then it’s time to reflect on your life.

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It’s never too late to change, it’s never too late to start living a full life, it’s never too late to start living, not to exist. You are a part of God, in each of you there is potential and uniqueness, start to change, start giving. And the more you give, the more you will get, and it does not matter what it will be – money, time, work, ideas, love, patience … Start to think positively, create, inspire yourself and others, become closer to nature, remember about your soul and help it evolve.

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