Scratched wooden furniture simple tricks to fix

Scratched Wooden Furniture: Simple Tricks to Fix

Scratched Wooden Furniture: Simple Tricks to Fix

Although wood parts have long duration and resistance, it is common for small accidents to scratch or chip objects. The good news is that there are some simple tricks to recover the furniture and disguise the scratches.

Scratched wooden furniture simple tricks fix

Scratched wooden furniture: simple tricks to fix

Tips for Repairing Scratched Wood Furniture


For surface scratches, rub a walnut over the damaged area, the wood will absorb the oil from the fruit and the scratch will be imperceptible. Beeswax and linseed oil can also be used for such cases as well as help remove stains from the wood.

Black Tea

Another alternative is to use black tea to cover the risk. Put the tea bag in a mug, throw two tablespoons of hot water over it and wait a few minutes until the black water comes loose. Wet a cotton swab in the tea and apply over the scratched area of ​​the furniture. Then remove the excess liquid with a paper towel.


In a bowl, place a tablespoon of soluble coffee and gradually add hot water until a thick, homogeneous paste forms. With a cotton swab, gently rub the scratched area with the briefcase. Wipe the excess with a dry cloth.

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