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Scrub Ingredients You Can Get At Home

What is the face scrubbing for?

Our skin is constantly renewed, but can not completely get rid of dead cells. Horny particles, the remains of sebum should be removed. Thus, the metabolic processes are faster, the dermis is better saturated with oxygen. With this task will help cope with the facial scrub. It is a cosmetic with small solid particles.
Most common scrubs are on a gel basis or in the form of a cream. As solid elements are used microspheres, ground beads or ground coffee, crystals of salt or sugar.

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The procedure for scrubbing is simple enough and does not take much time. Thanks to it you can conduct a deep cleansing of the dermis, improve blood circulation, smooth out some defects. However, with this remedy you need to be very careful and take into account the peculiarities of your skin.

Those who plan to do the procedure themselves, you need to know about the contraindications:

It is not recommended to hardly scrub thin, dry and sensitive skin. Sharp abrasive particles can cause microcracks, which will lead to redness. In this case, the composition of the remedy should include emollient components.

This purification procedure is undesirable for those who have a vascular network on their face
Scrub is not used for inflammation and acne. He can only do more harm.

The procedure in rare cases can damage oily skin. Since this type is characterized by dilated pores, the particles of the scrub can clog them. This leads to the appearance of gums and other unpleasant phenomena on the face.

How to use the scrub?

The procedure has its own peculiarities of application. As usual, you need a good face cleansing. Avoid contact with eyelids and eyes.

Cosmetologists advise doing scrub mainly in the evening. During the night, the skin rest and rest and recover

The process of exfoliation is quite easy. It is desirable to use it on the steamed skin after washing. The face must be scrubbed for 3 minutes with gentle movements. Usually the remedy is removed with a cotton sponge or special napkins. Such a procedure should not be daily. Too often mechanical impact will not be of use, but only harm. Therefore, use it only if necessary to bring your face in order.

How often you can use a scrub depends on the condition of the dermis and its type. Sensitive skin will be enough for one procedure in two weeks. Girls who have a fat type of dermis can do exfoliation more often. The same rules apply to men.
Home remedies

Independent cosmetic procedures are a good alternative to salon analogues. To do this you will need the most common products. If you are going to prepare a remedy for the first time at home, be careful. Make sure that you carry all the scrub components normally. Do not forget to test the product on a separate area of ​​the skin. And yet – do not rub your face as if you are doing this procedure like the last time. Be careful with your skin.

From oatmeal and carrots

This tool will effectively remove contaminants, give the skin a healthy and ruddy appearance. Oat flakes need to be grinded into flour. A small carrot rubbed on a grater, the smaller, the better. In the vegetable mix 1 tsp. oatmeal. We distribute this gruel evenly over the face, we’ll massage it a little. We wash ourselves after 20 minutes of warm water.

From the coffee grounds

For this recipe you will need ground coffee. Use only a high-quality natural product. About a quarter of the glass should be boiled water. Must get a thick wet mass. To it one egg white and a couple of pinch of sea salt are added. Scrub gently rub into the skin. Take care that it does not dry out. We do this for 15 minutes. The agent is rinsed off with warm water.
It is suitable for almost everyone and rarely causes discomfort. If you feel that the skin is over-dried, apply a nourishing cream.

From coffee and honey

After this scrub, you do not recognize your skin. It will become clean, smooth and taut. With regular use, the product prevents the appearance of acne. Means of ground coffee is very easy to prepare. Mix steamed coffee with warm liquid honey (about 1 dessert spoon). Slightly dilute with milk. With massage movements, apply a scrub on face, rinse after 15 minutes.

From aspirin

This remedy can be used for normal skin. Take several aspirin tablets and rasstolkite them in powder. Add some natural yogurt or curdled milk. Apply on cleansed face and wait 15-20 minutes. Remove the scrub with warm water and a tissue.

From soda and salt

I think you will find these two components at home. I suggest you a very simple way to clean and narrow the pores. Take the usual salt and soda (about a teaspoonful). Mix with ground oatmeal and milk. Scrub the skin for a minute, then rinse your face.

Rice Scrub

The product effectively cleans, soothes and rejuvenates the skin. For its preparation, take equal parts of rice flour and natural liquid honey. In the mixture, enter a little goat’s milk. Distribute the mixture by circular massage movements. Soak for 10 minutes.
Indian recipe

This scrub cleaning will give the skin freshness, smoothness and a good face tone. It also has a rejuvenating effect and is suitable for mature skin. Mix a few teaspoons of chickpea and oatmeal. Connect the mixture to 1 tbsp. yoghurt or sour cream. Add natural warmed honey. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Exfoliation is best done on damp skin. After the procedure, wipe the face with a tonic and do not forget about the moisturizing cream.
Harmful effects of scrub

Arguments for the use of these cosmetics are quite a lot. However, there are situations when the use of such home compounds can do much harm. Most often this happens due to misuse. Neglect of cleanliness and hygiene rules during the procedure also leads to unpleasant consequences.

Too frequent application of scrub can damage any skin. The thin and dry dermis is especially prone to negative influence. This type requires careful treatment. Solid particles of the product can injure the top layer of the skin. Constant mechanical friction will lead to irritation, redness and peeling.

Oily and combined dermis are also not insured against problems. Particles can clog large pores and provoke the appearance of inflammation and gums.

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