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The Secret Of The Purity Of Your Curtains

No matter how beautiful, stylish and modern was the design of your interior, it will in any case seem unfinished without the beautiful design of windows with curtains.

The Secret Of The Purity Of Your Curtains

To date, manufacturers and stores offer an incredible choice of fabrics for sewing curtains: linen, cotton, jacquard, velvet, silk, taffeta, organza, veil, muslin.

Also sold and ready-made kits.
At the same time, when buying, many people do not think much about how to clean or wash sometimes very whimsical fabrics.

The first rule when buying curtains!

You should immediately consult about the methods of cleaning, if this is not written in the instructions for the care of tissues.
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Strangely enough, but the air curtains play not only the role of a beautiful accent in the interior, but also prevent the entry of microbes, dust and dirt into our house, holding up to 80% of these harmful components.

That’s why you need to wash them often to maintain cleanliness in the house, even if at first glance you think that the curtains are clean.
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First, it all depends on the type of fabric from which the product is made, but in general, you can adhere to general recommendations that are suitable for all tissues (see the figures).

Consider the case, if your curtains are not too picky in the care, and they can be washed at home.

Before washing, thoroughly shake out the curtains.

Depending on the degree of contamination, we soak the curtains in soapy water or in water with the addition of a detergent. If the curtains have not been erased for a long time, then it is better to hold the procedure several times, changing the dirty water.

Curtains must be washed separately from other things.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for delicacy and temperature mode of washing, do not erase the kit from one window together, i.e. curtains separately, tulle separately.

If there are spots on the curtains, pre-process them.

The drum of the washing machine must be filled no more than 50%. This will allow you to wash in a gentle mode, and also provide a more effective rinse.

To wash this type of products, a delicate mode without pressing is suitable.

During drying, it is necessary to exclude sunlight, completely straightening the curtains.

To keep the shape of the curtains it is recommended to iron and hang them when wet.

What to do if washing is absolutely contraindicated for such textile elements as hard glue-based lambrequin, roller blinds, brocade?

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If the funds permit, it is better to turn the curtains into a dry cleaner.
If you still hope for your strength and knowledge, then you can either vacuum the curtains, or use a brush, but better (not to scatter dust) to go through a sticky platen for clothes.
The effect of truth from such cleansing will be short-lived.

Proper care and washing will preserve the original appearance of curtains for many years.

Therefore, when choosing the frame of your window, try to immediately consider whether you can provide them with good care.
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