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Secrets of Beauty and Youth from Japan

Japanese women almost always look much younger than their passport age. In this, of course, there is some merit of their ancestors, but the main merit is that they take enough time to themselves. Look at Japanese women who look after their health and appearance – at 25 she looks 16-17 years old, at 35 she is not given 25 years, and at 60 she is younger than 40. All of them are slim, taut and are the owners of the ideal “porcelain” skin.

How do they manage to do this? The answer is very simple – they eat right, lead an active lifestyle and are able to take care of themselves.

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10 secrets of beauty and youth from Japan

1. Sincerely strive to be beautiful.

According to the cosmetologist, this is the main condition for the effectiveness of work on your appearance. As soon as you love yourself and feel beautiful, this feeling will be passed on to the people around you.

2. Get close to the skin.

Look at your reflection in the mirror – you will see yourself as you are now. Now lift your chin, tilting your head slightly. What do you see? Such you were 10 years ago. And if you lower your chin, slightly bending your head forward, and look in the mirror, you will see yourself in 10 years. Did not you like your reflection? Then you urgently need to get to work.

First of all, determine the type of your skin and learn its properties – elasticity, density, the presence of wrinkles. Most often, the face does not age symmetrically: on the one hand, wrinkles can be larger than on the other. To determine the more vulnerable part of the face, the cosmetologist suggests the following test: smile slightly, lifting the corners of the mouth, and look in the mirror. The side of the face on which more wrinkles formed is more vulnerable. To strengthen it, you should chew on this side more often and sleep on this side.

3. Choose personalized care for your skin.

In order to determine its type and choose care, it is best to contact a cosmetologist. Follow the recommendations of a specialist, watch daily for your skin and, if necessary, change tactics.

To find out how moist your face is, put your palms tightly to your cheeks, and then abruptly remove them. If the skin is moistened, the hands will “stick” to the cheeks a little. If there is no such effect, then it needs additional moistening.

To determine the density of the skin, also apply the palms to the cheeks, slightly pulling it to the ears, and see if vertical wrinkles are formed near the eyes. Having pinched the skin and observing how quickly it will return to its original position, you will appreciate its elasticity.

4. Transfer the desire for beauty to your hands.

Do not forget that hands are our main tool in caring for appearance. They must take care of themselves and be warm and gentle. Therefore, before you apply any cream, lotion or serum, pre-warm it properly in your clean palms. And then slowly and gently, sensing every millimeter of skin, distribute it all over the surface.

5. Cleansing and moisturizing is the basis of skin care.

Before going to bed, it must be cleaned of dirt and cosmetics. But for these purposes, never use mechanical and acidic scrubs that aggressively exfoliate the epidermis.

Contrast compresses. They help to improve blood circulation and tone the skin. For this, cold and hot towels are alternately applied to a clean face 3-4 times. In the morning, it is better to finish this procedure with a cold towel (for vivacity), and before going to bed – hot. It is very useful to finish this procedure by washing with rice milk. Rice is a wonderful antioxidant, it is rich in vitamins and minerals and stimulates the production of collagen. To make milk, rice (preferably brown or wild) is ground in a coffee grinder and diluted with mineral water.

Water massage. It also tones well and maintains the firmness and elasticity of the skin. For these purposes, you need to take a bottle of mineral water, make a hole in the cork and massage your face on the massage lines with a thin stream of water from the bottle.

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6. Use lotion mask regularly.

The implementation of such a procedure is available at home to any woman, and the result is comparable with the result of expensive procedures.
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Cosmetic lotion sounds in Japanese, like cosmetic water and radically different from those lotions and tonics that we produce. Rather, it is a liquid translucent moisturizing milk or cream. For Japanese women, such cosmetics are the main means of care, in which there is no alcohol, emulsifiers and oils. It is recommended to apply them with the help of special cotton napkins. Initially, they are wetted with water, soaked in lotion and applied for 5-15 minutes in such a sequence: nose and nasolabial area, forehead, cheeks and chin. The effect of this procedure can be strengthened if a polyethylene hat is put on the face.

7. After 30 years, use cosmetic serum and fix its action with cream.

Japanese cosmetologists recommend young girls not to abuse cosmetics, since the condition of their skin at this age is balanced. The main care for young people is cleansing, moisturizing and protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays.

After 30 years, you should add serum and cream to your nursing arsenal. The serum is more active than the cream, and penetrates deeper into the skin faster. But the action of the serum must necessarily be fixed with cream. The cream protects the skin from dust and microorganisms, prevents evaporation of moisture and is the basis for applying makeup.

8. Protect your face all year round from exposure to ultraviolet rays.

In Japan, beautiful white porcelain leather is considered. Previously, Japanese women protected their faces with rice powder, diluted with water. But this is already far in the past. Today, practically all cosmetic products necessarily add special protective components that suppress the excessive production of melanin.

9. Once a week, do for the skin “unloading day.”

On this day, do not put any make-up on your face, let it rest. The only thing that should not be forgotten is purification.

10. Watch for food, take vitamin and mineral complexes

and consume at least 1.5 – 2 liters of water every day. The food should be varied, but not high-calorie. It is necessary to exclude from the daily diet foods that promote aging – flour products, sweets, smoked foods and fatty foods. The basis of nutrition should be fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes.

Love yourself and be beautiful! And as the Japanese master of beauty said – the main thing that should be in the arsenal of every woman to achieve the goal is “your desire and your hands.” Good luck!

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