secrets housekeeping

Secrets Of Housekeeping

Secrets Of Housekeeping.

Any work, including home work, requires a lot of effort. To simplify it, there are useful tricks for the house. These are the things that make everyday things and worries easier.

We do useful things with our own hands.

It is pleasant for any person to look at his own creativity, and it does not matter what it can be. The main thing is that it was done with a soul and pleased the owner. Useful homemade items can be made with their own hands from improvised materials, for example, you can make an original shelf from used tin cans.

You can use it to store trifles. But the main thing is that you can endlessly fantasize about the size and shape of the future masterpiece. First, the jars need to be prepared, remove the sharp edges, if any, then drill holes in each of them at several points, depending on how they are located.

Mounting can be done with bolts or screws to each other. To the wall can be screwed with a conventional screwdriver, driving a dowel into it first.

Useful homemade crafts are invented by home masters not only from different materials, but also for different needs. This can be a device for a country house or a city apartment.

Advice for house cleaning.

Cleaning – not the most favorite occupation of most women, but they spend it and know the secrets of a quick house cleaning, and most importantly – without loss of quality. There are many ways to help young housewives.

Clearing the iron from stains on the sole will help an easy way. It is necessary to iron the salt scattered on a piece of paper. It is enough to bring the soles to the salt and turn on steam. After that, the mud settles on the salt, and the ironing surface will be well-groomed and smooth.

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Remove the wool from furniture will help kitchen rubber gloves, to them it will stick and it will remain just to wash your hands.

Tips for preserving home furniture.

Scratches on the old wooden table severely spoil his appearance. To get rid of them small tricks for the house will help. A mixture of half a glass of olive oil and the same amount of vinegar must be rubbed into a tree with a damp cloth. After such a procedure, the appearance will change, and the scratches disappear.

The water-damaged appearance of the faucet can also be transformed with vinegar. It should be left on the surface for a while, and then simply washed off with a sponge.

If there is a stain on the polished furniture from the hot, then the iron will help to remove it. On the blot you need to put a dense rag soaked in water, on it to pass the iron for 15 seconds.

This option of furniture upholstery, like microfiber, is very beautiful, but not practical. Light furniture should be cleaned neatly. To do this, take a white brush and sponge, the last to soak in alcohol and wipe the dirt, then brush off the dirt from the surface with a brush.

If there is a desire to lead a correct way of life and to abandon toxic chemistry, then it can be replaced by natural means. For example, a lemon will help get rid of stains on the plumbing.

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Distribution of your time.

Many people think that they have limited time and for it they can not fulfill the task.

How do I manage to do everything? First you need to organize yourself. This can be done in several stages.

  1. Make a to-do list.
  2. Stop distracting, on things not related to business, things. This is especially true in our age of the Internet everywhere.
  3. Identify your abilities, do not take too many tasks. It is better to perform a pair, but qualitatively, than a dozen, but with alterations.
  4. Keep order in the workplace. It’s a way to keep your thoughts in order.
  5. Any business, including home, can be simplified and optimized.
  6. Reward for successful implementation, this is a great incentive to motivate.
  7. Do not accumulate unfinished business. They pull after themselves more and more, and thoughts about them simply do not give rest. Nobody canceled the expression: “I did it – walk boldly!”
  8. If you need help from outside, do not hesitate to ask for it.

Such simple, at first glance, rules will help radically change attitudes towards life and its difficulties.

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