Biggest Waves

See The Biggest Waves On The Planet Without Wetting Your Feet

See The Biggest Waves On The Planet Without Wetting Your Feet.

The ocean is an element that is very different; if you get used to seeing calm sky-blue water, in which colorful fish float and corals grow, it’s hard to imagine that somewhere far away, thousands of kilometers from the shore, an incredible storm can rage.

Yes, there, it is simply impossible to imagine waves of a height of several tens of meters for an ordinary person who did not make intercontinental flights on a ship. Unless this person is one of those who know that you can see massive water mountains without lifting your feet off the ground. Today we will tell about Nazare, a city in Portugal, which became famous due to the biggest waves on the planet.

Nazare is a very small city, in which there are less than 20 thousand people. The long sandy bay with calm water and clean bright streets are framed by pine forest, it is sunny, warm and calm. And only ten minutes drive, in the northern part of the city, in the Atlantic Ocean, the cape crashes into which the atmosphere is quite different.

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Here, on the edge of a high stone precipice, stands part of the ancient port fortification and a lighthouse. On the steep stone steps and grassy path you can go down to the sandy beach, which is often very deserted, because you can not swim here in any case. Massive waves chaotically roll towards the shore, break against the rocks and fall on the shore by surf, whose height even on the quietest day is not less than a couple of meters. But this is not all that Nazare can show.

For those who know what surfing is, Nazare is not a city, but the name of a surf spot where a world record is set for the biggest wave on which the surfer passed. Officially registered travel on the wave, the height of 23.8 meters, its confirmation is still a big wave, according to eyewitnesses, it was under 30 meters. It’s about a 9-storey house.

Only he is out of the water, moving and falling down with his whole multiton mass. And most importantly, all this happens literally 70-100 meters from the beach, and if you look at the rock on which there is a lighthouse, then even less. To say that the heart goes into the heels is to say nothing; When someone rides or, especially, falls, even the spectators with the most steel nerves start shouting.

Its existence is an amazing place due to the unique structure of the bottom. The thing is that on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean there is a huge canyon 5 kilometers deep, which is directed towards the coast and it comes to naught in the Nazaré region.

Because of this, it turns out that much more water is suitable for the continent than under normal conditions, in addition, the canyon slightly changes the direction of movement of this water, which eventually leads to the formation of anomalously large waves so close to the shore.

In the walls of the old fortress on the edge of the cape today is equipped with a museum devoted to surfing on large waves. There is a hall of glory where the photos of the most intrepid conquerors of giant waves are presented, and on their walls are hung their boards, the very ones on which they conquered Nazaré.

In the other hall there is an exposition of the most impressive photos of the waves and a large mock-up of the canyon. In the third – the history of the city and detailed schemes with explanations of the principle of the surf spot.

Of course, thirty-meter giants are rare here, the season of huge waves lasts from November to January, and it is considered lucky if during these three months the surfers can try to beat a world record a couple of times. But the waves at a height of 10 meters come in Nazar though not every day, but quite regularly.

True, it is possible to predict their appearance in just a week, since it is possible to reliably predict the conditions in the ocean only for such a short period of time.

Therefore, it is not possible to plan a trip in advance so that you can see them accurately, but if you are traveling through Portugal in the autumn or winter months, it makes sense to watch the surf forecast. And in the event that waves of 4-6 meters or more are expected, it is urgent to break in Nazar – the spectacle is definitely worth it.

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