Self-development and self-improvement

10 Tips for Self-development self-improvement

10 Tips for Self-development and self-improvement:

are an integral part of the life of any person who does not want to remain in place, but to strive to be better, to go forward, to call for new things, to set even greater goals and achieve incredible heights. Development is the foundation of life. You can not achieve anything more if today is the same as yesterday.
Self-development and self-improvement
And so dear friends, we bring to your attention Tips For Self-development And Self-improvement. Again, dear friend (we appeal to everyone personally) the whole thing is for you, to apply these effective practice tips for self-development in your life or not, the choice is yours.

In the application and implementation of these skills in life, you will be helped by discipline and passionate desire for your goal. But the action, practice, application and use of these skills in life is the decisive moment on the road to success.

Tips for self-development and self-improvement for every day!

1. Sleep less. This is one of the most important contributions that you can make to make your life more productive and worthy. Most people need no more than 6 hours of sleep to maintain an excellent health status.

Try to get up just an hour earlier for 21 days, and this will turn into a strong and powerful habit. Remember that it’s not the quantity, but the quality of sleep that’s important. And now imagine that you have an additional 30 hours a month for much more important things for you.

2. Every morning, allocate for yourself one hour to think about personal development issues. Mentally and visually imagine the coming day, listen to music records that motivate you, or read something from classical literature. Use this period of tranquility to raise and revive your spirit for the coming productive day.

Watch at least once a week for sunrise or go on nature. A good start to every day is a powerful strategy for self-renewal and achieving personal effectiveness. After you sleep less and devote some time to yourself, be sure to learn to live in peace, enjoy the moment now. Learn to analyze your actions, thoughts, judgments, desires. This is a very big step to the beginning of serious self-improvement.
10 Tips for Self-development self-improvement
3. Prioritize
In life, there are always important things that need priority attention, but there is something secondary, which should not be worried in the first place. As a rule, we often change these concepts, and do not pay enough attention to important things.

We are always chasing after something big, and not knowing what it is for us. And when we receive, we realize that this is absolutely not what we wanted. And again we set ourselves false goals, we are engaged in that it does not bring pleasure to achieve these goals. Now I’m talking about a job that you do not like.

Speaking to graduates of Stanford University, Steve Jobs said: “Every morning, ask yourself if this was the last day of my life, I would do what I plan to do today. And when several days in a row the answer is negative, then think about the fact that it’s time to change something. ”

Many may object, saying if I will do what I like, then how to get money, how to earn money? And why do you recline the idea that your favorite business is capable of making good money? Look, the biggest money is earned not by those who work, but who simply enjoy the highly paid hobby. Sergey Brin, the creator of Google, once said: “Money has never been important to us.

We did what we really liked. It is very pleasant that in the future this brought us a good fortune. ”
Advice one – you want to develop and improve, want to be better? Prioritize, do what you love.

4. Stimulate yourself with positive thoughts
Positive thinking and seeing the world is another important aspect of human development. Remember that a positive thought has great power, it is creative, it creates us. Remember your condition when you met a friend who was not seen for a long time, or when you learned about some joyful event, or when you hugged your beloved girl after several months of separation.

These are wonderful emotions, bright and clean. And now remember the most negative: anger, envy, resentment, desire to take revenge, hatred. Even when you read these words inside it becomes uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to learn to think positively. You can use a piece of elastic as a training tool for your mind, which makes it focus only on positive thoughts and elements of your life. Put on the elastic band on your wrist.

Whenever a negative, weak and negative thought tries to penetrate your brain, click your wrist with your elastic band. Due to efforts during training, your brain will associate pain with negative thinking and you will soon develop a strong positive mindset.

5. Always answer the phone with enthusiasm in your voice and immediately show your respect for the caller. Good manners are very important. In order for your confidence to transfer through the telephone line, stand up.

This will give your voice even more strength and persuasiveness. With whom you would not say, no matter how you talk (by phone or live), always smile. I’m not saying that this should be a Hollywood smile, but you should smile sweetly, letting the interlocutor understand your good and positive attitude. If you smile at a person, then he will smile in return.

Sometimes it’s so nice when you’re on the bus, and you see that there’s a sad girl at the stop. And then in a moment she looks at you, you smile at her sweetly, she smiles back at you and that’s all. Perhaps you will never see again, but the feelings remain beautiful.
10 Tips for Self-development self-improvement
6. Throughout the day, any of us sometimes find inspiration and brilliant ideas. You should always have at hand a stack of small cards (you can even the size of a business card, such cards are sold in any office store) and a pen to immediately fix the essence of insight.

When you get home, copy the ideas into a convenient place, such as a notebook, to reread them from time to time. As Oliver Wendell Holmes noted: “The brain of a man, stretched by a new idea, does not shrink to its former size.”

7. Planning. Every evening on Sundays, devote not to an entertaining show, or viewing a series for beer and chips, but to planning. Analyze all that was done in a week, praise yourself, thank God (no matter how you call this force) for help, think about plans and tasks for the next week.

You do not need to paint a clear plan, set specific tasks. Just for yourself, determine what you should do when, and most importantly, why. And most importantly, if something goes wrong, and your plans for the week will be partially not met, then do not get upset. If you did your best, and did not lie for 7 days on your side, then everything is fine, everything happened as it should.

8. Communicate more. Remember that the quality of your life depends on communication with other people. Try to communicate more, learn from their experience and knowledge. If there is an opportunity to attend a lecture of a famous person, then go there.

Always learn new things, always try to discover for yourself until today unprecedented horizons. Communication with other people is necessary, but also pay attention to communication with oneself. If you are confident in yourself and your forces, are set for a positive result, then you will definitely achieve what you have planned.

9. Focus on the goal, not on the results. In other words, do the work for the reason that you like it, or because it will help someone or give a useful experience. Do not do anything for money or for recognition. They will come by themselves. This is how the world works.

10. Every morning, laugh for five minutes before the mirror. Steve Martin does just that. Laughter launches many useful chemical reactions in our body that lead us into a beautiful and joyful state. Laughter also brings the body into a state of equilibrium.

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