Separate Food, Improve Your Health, Dairy Products, Fruits

Improve Your Health, Dairy Products, FruitsIn separate meals, it is recommended to eat vegetables, meat and dairy products on different days of the week. This is due to the fact that the use of different products slows down the absorption of food, and worsens the overall health. Of course, this does not mean that everyone needs to switch to separate meals, since it is recommended to people who have health problems. The principles of separate nutrition were derived by G. Shelton and W. G. Hay, but each of them has his own approach.

Separate meals for the week: Improve Your Health, Dairy Products, Fruits

Below we will schedule the menu for each day of the week

In the morning at 7 or 8 o’clock you need to have breakfast, the menu consists of 2 kiwi, Herculean porridge cooked on water, and tea without sugar;
The second breakfast will be only at 11 o’clock, you need to eat a salad dressed with olive oil (one teaspoon);
At 13 o’clock for dinner you need to eat broccoli, a little boiled chicken breast and two pieces of cheese;
At 5 pm, eat one pear;
For dinner at 19 o’clock, eat vegetable soup and low-fat omelet from two eggs.

In the morning at 7 or 8 o’clock eat buckwheat porridge with orange, drink a mug of tea without sugar;
At eleven o’clock eat one apple;
At 13 o’clock you need to eat boiled fish with salad and stewed vegetables, serving 100 grams;
At 5 pm, eat one yogurt package;
For dinner, you can eat vegetable soup and a green salad.

In the morning at 7 or 8 o’clock drink 100 milliliters of orange juice and 100 milliliters of clean water, drink tea without sugar and eat rye porridge cooked on milk;
At 11 o’clock, eat one green apple;
For lunch at 13 o’clock you can eat boiled veal, stewed vegetables and vegetable salad, a serving of 100 grams;
At 5 pm you can eat 5 walnuts;
For dinner at 19 o’clock, eat the baked cauliflower with cheese.
fruit and yogurt, two kiwi, drink tea without sugar
In the morning at 7 or 8 o’clock, eat barley porridge on skim milk, two tangerines, one toast of coarse grind, drink tea without sugar;
At 11 o’clock you can eat a green apple;
For lunch at 13 o’clock, eat a portion of boiled squid, two pieces of cheese, a portion of stewed eggplant with a green salad;
At 17 o’clock eat a little prunes, about 4 pieces;
For dinner at 19 o’clock you can eat scrambled eggs and tomatoes and a portion of boiled vegetables.

In the morning at 7-8 o’clock eat a porridge with fruit and yogurt, two kiwi, drink tea without sugar;
At 11 o’clock, eat a green apple;
For dinner at 13 o’clock cook half the chicken breast, broccoli with cauliflower and green salad;
At 5 pm, have a bite of an orange or a banana;
For dinner at 19 o’clock you can eat vegetable soup and tomatoes with cheese.

For breakfast at 8 am, eat buckwheat porridge, toast with bread coarse grind, orange, drink tea without sugar;
At 11 o’clock you can eat an apple with a banana;
For lunch at 13 o’clock, eat a portion of boiled fish, vegetable soup, green salad and cheese;
At 5 pm, eat a few almonds;
At 19 o’clock eat an omelette with mushrooms and stewed vegetables, you can also add a green salad.

During the day you should eat 1.5 kilograms of green apples

This menu is suitable for those who want to lose weight and normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Recipes of separate food

Below we will talk about the most popular recipes for separate meals.

Breakfast from dairy products and fruits

100 grams of sweet berries, for example, raspberries or strawberries;
A cup of fat-free yogurt;
A glass of milk;
A green big apple.

Wash the berries thoroughly in cold water, beforehand, scrape them. Wash the apple, cut the peel and cut it into small cubes. Mix berries and an apple with yogurt and wheat bran. You can drink a dish with a glass of milk.

Breakfast of sweet pepper and a sandwich with cottage cheese

A glass of buttermilk;
50 grams of fat cottage cheese;
One pod of sweet pepper;
Two pieces of bread with bran.

Twenty minutes before eating, drink 200 milliliters of buttermilk. Wash the pepper, cut it into 4 pieces, peel off the septum and seeds. Mix cottage cheese with onion, pre-cut it with rings. On the bread, put the cottage cheese, and on the curd pieces of sweet pepper.allowed food

Salad of fruits and wheat bran

Half an apple;
Half a banana;
A little buttermilk;
A little honey;
Some grapes.
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Cut the banana and orange with thin slices. Grate finely grate the apple, you can leave the peel. Mix the resulting mass with bran and honey. You can drink a dish with buttermilk.
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Diet is conducted in several cycles, usually the cycle consists of four days. On certain days, you can eat only one type of food.

The first day of the cycle is protein, you can consume protein foods, for example, dairy products, meat, eggs and fish. To improve digestion, eat vegetables;

The second day is starchy, you can eat grain bread, legumes, potatoes, and other products that have starch in the composition;

The third day is carbohydrate, you can eat vegetables, grain bread, cereals and pastries, but without yeast, eggs and milk. You also need to eat pasta and biscuits. Before going to bed, you need to eat a bit of bitter chocolate as a dessert;

On the fourth day you can eat fruits, including exotic ones. You can eat dried fruits, seeds and nuts, drink fresh fruit juices. Eat small portions so that there are no problems with digestion;

After several cycles on day 29, you can spend a day of rest. During the day you can drink only water, after which the cycle begins again.

Do not forget that there are certain nuances during a diet:

For breakfast, you can not eat anything but fruits;
Start dining not earlier than noon;
If you strongly want to eat, but before dinner another hour – eat some fruit;
Wait four hours after dinner before you start dinner. This is especially true on a protein day;
You need to consume fruits every day for two to three hours. Do not worry that you eat too much fruit – they quickly reduce your appetite;

You can not eat after 8 pm;

Most of the food should be eaten at lunch, and in the evening, the servings should be cut three times;
Buy products from trusted people, because meat and fruit are often sprinkled with chemical solutions and grown with artificial ingredients;

Use vegetable oil if you do not like salads without oil

Use a steamer or oven for cooking, you can not eat fried foods in any way;
Instead of salt add oriental seasonings, since salt harms health. You can add only a little bit of salt;

Try to drink less coffee and tea, preferably using pure spring water;

Calculate the required number of calories based on the laboriousness of their work and their own weight. Do not exceed the number of calories that are recommended;
Go in for sports, for example, swimming or running. Since the muscles will develop, excess weight will quickly recede, in addition, you will spend more calories.

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