Seven Steps of Relationships

Seven Steps of Relationships

According to Vedic knowledge, which some psychologists use in their practice, the couple lives in their family life seven stages. And if couples know these stages, then they are easier and with little loss for the relationship.

It is very important to realize that the stages of the relationship between the spouses can and must be passed in order for the relationship to grow stronger and reach the adult level.

So, the phases of the relationship:

1. Zephyr-chocolate (candy-bouquet).

When hormones endorphins take precedence at this stage of relationships, a man in love flies like a cloud. And the voice of the partner, and appearance, and deeds is admired.

Although to others this person seems unremarkable externally, and the voice is ordinary, and he does not do anything like that. If a couple marries during this period, then after a short time they realize that they married a stranger.

2. Saturation.

Feelings are satisfied, it’s time to rest. Already do not result in a gentle trembling of the eyes opposite, already the guy does not run rushing off in the morning to buy flowers. Having satiated, partners are calm and lazy.

3. Aversion.

Now the partners, just as they used to exaggerate the merits, exaggerate the shortcomings. The other is seen through a magnifying glass. And if quarrels become permanent battles for the rights, duties, constructive solutions are not sought, the pair usually disagrees.


Partners wish again romantic, trusting relationships, and the new companion seems to them just this: sensitive (not like my ex), passionate, romantic (wearing flowers and giving presents – the phase is the first again!), Etc.

4. Patience.

The partners are already aware that quarrels do not lead to mutual understanding, and try to solve problems without driving them into a corner of resentment.

Only now they act reasonably and work on preserving the relationship.

5. Respect.

The first step of love. Partners do not focus on the debt of another, but try to give their debt. “What should I do, what can I do for another?” When they turn inward, it is difficult to demand something, as well as to cause another to quarrel.

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Before this stage, many do not reach, remaining on the first three.

6. Friendship.

Excellent preparation for true love. Partners know each other, respect the needs of both their own and others.

7. Love.

This is not the first phase. And they go to her throughout life, hand in hand. Therefore, there are no passions, no illusions, no selfish motives in the relationship. And that’s why so few people come here.
But the winners are waiting for such a reward, which they did not expect.

If a couple knows these stages, then many people refuse to divorce. And they go further, realizing that the sweet taste of relations will come bitter, but it can also be experienced. Not with the thought that I will tolerate a couple more years, and love should be given to me for such merits.

And if they do not, I’ll find myself another partner. Not for the purpose of you to me ─ I to you. And with devotion to man, with an open heart. And if you think that love has already been, know for sure: it has not started yet!

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