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How To Sew A Leather Jacket – Diy

What a pity it is to see that the thing you love, especially expensive, like a leather jacket, has torn. Of course, you will not want to throw it away – and that’s right. Leather clothes can be mended so that it will not only be invisible, but will make the thing even more interesting.

How To Sew A Leather Jacket – Diy

DIY Smart SawYou will need

  1. plaster;
  2. Scotch tape;
  3. scissors;
  4. leather patches that match the color;
  5. glue;
  6. a patch made of fine fabric;
  7. sewing machine;
  8. a special needle for leather;
  9. threads that match the color.


Once you notice that the leather jacket is torn, take emergency measures. Go to the nearest pharmacy and buy the usual adhesive in a roll. Ask the pharmacist for a pair of scissors. Remove the jacket and examine the damage. Cut off the required amount of patch and glue the jacket from the inside at the point of rupture or incision. This will make the defect invisible and prevent further damage to the thing.

At home, consider carefully the damage. If it is a small incision with smooth edges, it can be glued from the wrong side with a suitable piece of fine cloth. To do this, you need to combine the edges of the cut and fix them with adhesive tape from the front side. On the wrong side, glue a piece of cloth. After the glue has solidified, you can remove the scotch. This method is good if the damage has a small area and is not in a prominent place, since the glue will make the skin stiff and the glued area will still attract attention.
If the damage is in a prominent place and quite extensive, think about how it can be beaten with a patch. To put a patch, the torn place on the jacket needs to be shaped with scissors. You need to cut the edges so that you get a circle, a square, a rectangle, and so on. It may be necessary to make several identical holes on the jacket, so they look like finish.
How To Sew A Leather Jacket - Diy
Choose the right color pieces of skin. They can be cut out of old or unnecessary leather goods. Patches give the same shape as the holes, but they should be slightly larger in size. Sew patches on the sewing machine with a special needle for the leather.

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