How to satisfy Aquarius

Sexual Compatibility of Aquarius

Sexual Compatibility Aquarius

Sexuality of Aquarius is very unique: first of all it is connected with its bright and unconventional view of the world. As a love foreplay Aquarius is able to share his vast knowledge about sex, erotic fantasies and even adventures; tell about the sexual characteristics of African tribes or inhabitants of distant planets.

All this immerses himself and his partner in a world of vivid fantasies. And although in bed Aquarius is not distinguished by a special temperament and fiction, sex with him can seem as unpredictable and varied as his fantastic dreams.

The most suitable partners

Up to 30 years of the most suitable partners they need to look for among the signs of Gemini and Libra. All three are air signs, their relations are fragile and changeable. The twins offer an intellectual stimulus, a cheerful partnership, and Libra – balance and harmony.
After 30 years, they are more interested in practical earthly life, and then often are compatible with the signs of the Virgin and Aries. The sharp mind of the Virgin and her ability to work tirelessly can help Aquarius enter the realm of practicality. Aries offers Aquarius a flaming ambition and serves as a good model for his “I”.

After 40 years, Aquarius acquires a positive orientation in his personal life and work, and he is ready to enter a higher society. At this time he is very compatible with his opposite sign – the Lion (Leo), who has already started to go in this direction. If the previous connections of Aquarius with Leo were unsuccessful, our adult Aquarians can try again, because By this time they have become more diplomatic and know what can and can not be expected from Love.

Evaluation of fidelity

Aquarius is very faithful in all areas of human relationships. This is a permanent sign and these people feel best when they see familiar faces and places around them.
In his youth, Aquarius is a loyal and trusting friend, he brings his friendship usually to old age.

How to satisfy Aquarius

Never disrespect the mind and personality of Aquarius, do not let it think that it is a simple tool for your enjoyment. He will not tolerate it. Do not offer Aquarius to spend one night with you – they will refuse, they need to find out their partner. Aquarius rules the house of friendship and believes that the result of sexual intercourse is the acquisition of a new friend. Since they are curious, most of them want to have contact with everyone, to get to know all forms of sexual experiences personally and many Aquarians at least once, but they will all try. People who have entered into a relationship with Aquarius should remember that they consider themselves different from others. The way it is. He does not fit in the allotted scope, he rebels faster than people of other signs, long-term sexual relations with him are not possible, tk. after a month of intimate relations, the mistress of Aquarius will become his best friend, and then a loved one. Aquarius rarely leaves the same friend to stay at home, when he himself is looking for a new lover, they go together.

Aquarians love everything new and mysterious

An ordinary person is unlikely to attract his attention. Do not open all your cards to Aquarius, he loves secrets and loves to solve them. If you are tuned to harmony in sexual compatibility with Aquarius, then do not have sex with him on the first date, no matter how he asked. They are always ready for change and their actions are often unpredictable. If you become the object of Aquarius’s love, then he will prove his love in many different ways.

Sexual compatibility Aquarius and Aries

In principle, they will not be bored, but they can still have some difficulties if one of them wants to force the second to do something. There will be these difficulties in view of the fact that neither one nor the other does not tolerate the primacy of his partner. But, despite this, a long connection between them is quite possible.

Sexual compatibility Aquarius and Taurus

The representative of the zodiacal sign Taurus is quite sexy and passionate, and he will not share his partner’s approaches to their sexual relations. Taurus does not need a friend, but a partner, and Aquarius is able to make a sexual partner just a friend. Constant clashes between them in view of their strong will – this is not a fun prospect for the development of their relationship.
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Sexual compatibility Aquarius and Gemini

Perhaps Aquarius will be able to subdue the representative of the zodiac sign Gemini. In their bedroom there can be many pleasant, but few passions. If Gemini is interested in Aquarius activities outside their home, they will be able to deal with it together. Communication with them can be quite ideal, and marriage will be charming.

Sexual compatibility Aquarius and Cancer

Aquarians are strongly irritated by their emotional partners, because they make sex very important. For them, a less ardent passion is more acceptable. In connection with them, many difficulties can arise, and in marriage a huge number of problems.

Sexual compatibility Aquarius and Lion (Leo)

Communication with them will be quite difficult. The main problem will be that the representative of the zodiac sign Leo is most interested in the physical side of their relationship, and his partner thinks about the spiritual part of it. Aquarians can not provide their partner with the sexual admiration they will demand.

Sexual compatibility Aquarius and Virgo

Between these two, strong feelings will never break out, for the spiritual side is more important for them. In their relations there will be no initiative, the same concerns also special excitement. Marriage between them is possible, but only if they can find outside the bedroom common interests.

Sexual compatibility Aquarius and Libra

They are both quite sexy and sensitive. For Aquarius, his partner’s penchant for erotic games is the very thing. They will both be ready to willingly fulfill all the requirements of their partner. Communication will be quite pleasant for them, and marriage can become very happy.

Sexual compatibility Aquarius and Scorpio

Aquarians can not reconcile themselves with the excessive jealousy of their partner. For the reason that they are indifferent to sex, their partner during their union can wake up sadism. Communication with them will be very short, the same applies to marriage.

Sexual compatibility Aquarius and Sagittarius

Both of these signs are cheerful, unpredictable and active. In the bedroom they can have a very good time. They can become excellent partners, both for a long time, and for a short one.

Sexual compatibility Aquarius and Capricorn

In terms of sex, these signs have not very good compatibility. For Capricorn Aquarius seems too cold, and Aquarius will never be able to understand his practical partner. Communication with them will be born quickly, but it will disappear just as quickly.

Sexual compatibility Aquarius and Aquarius

These partners are perfectly compatible with each other. In everything that concerns love, they will be very inventive, while stimulating both physically and spiritually, during and after sex. In terms of sex, they can perfectly satisfy each other. Their connection will be quite pleasant, and the marriage is quite reliable.

Sexual compatibility Aquarius and Pisces

Sex with two of them always turns into a war with certain elements of melodrama. Representatives of the zodiac sign Pisces, in view of their sensitivity, will be dependent on their partners, and will constantly demand from them proof of their love. Aquarians in this tandem will feel bound. Most often, both these signs of the zodiac pursue different goals. Initially, the connection with them may seem quite promising, but, alas, it still can not lead anywhere.

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