Sexual compatibility Aries

Sexual Compatibility Aries

Sexual Compatibility Aries is very passionate, energetic and energetic lover. In bed, he can act fairly selfishly, but he knows how to make it so that it’s good not only him, but also his partner. As a rule, Aries does not have problems with potency – their sexual energy and strength can only be envied.

How to satisfy Aries

Provide them with an abundance of sex, but first flatter them because Aries rules 1 Zodiac house that touches the floor, Aries live in the “world” of the body – physically recycle, master all other areas of human relationships. They like it when they are told flattering speech during intercourse. They also recognize diversity in sex. relations, believing that nothing goes beyond the bounds of decency.

Best partners

Up to 30 years, the most suitable partners are among the people of the sign of Leo and Sagittarius. All three are fire signs and up to this age they are extremely restless.
Sexual compatibility Aries
When Aries passed this age – 30 – it begins to gradually mature and become more sedentary, less impetuous and ardent, more practical. At this time they are compatible with the signs of Taurus and Virgo. These two terrestrial signs have great practicality; a trait that lacks the Aries in order to succeed. After 29.5 they become less self-centered: they concentrate on love and sex, and begin to direct their energy to solid acquisitions and provision.
Sexual compatibility Aries
At the age of 40, which is half the cycle of Uranus, Aries must control themselves, because. they have many negative features, such as the inability to complete what has been started. At this time they can be compatible with Libra (sensitive, mental sign) and Gemini (also an intellectual sign).

Sexual compatibility Aries and Aries

Communication seems very promising, but for marriage relations this is not the best option. The dominant role of Aries-a woman will not suit a man-Aries. The union of two born leaders will result in attempts by each participant to establish their own superiority, which will lead to disharmony of love relations.

Sexual compatibility Aries and Taurus

The impulsive and sensual nature of Aries is alien and incomprehensible to the calm and prudent Taurus. But, if Taurus allows Aries to play the role of the first violin, both will discover new beautiful facets of sexual relations. Otherwise, serious disagreements between partners will quickly lead to a break.

Sexual compatibility Aries and Gemini

The combination of these signs can become the basis for a very happy union, as partners have the same activity, tirelessness and propensity to experiment. The dominant role of Aries is well complemented by the emancipation and ingenuity of Gemini. Marriage will add stability to the restless nature of Gemini, but the duration of the alliance will depend on its flexibility and the ability to maneuver.

Sexual compatibility Aries and Cancer

Instantly flared strong sexual attraction pushes these signs into each other’s arms. But when the bonfire of feelings begins to fade, the discrepancy of temperaments is fully manifested. Aries energy, without finding an outlet, pours out into scandals and quarrels, which leads to even greater incompatibility in bed. This relationship can be compared to a raging sea in which the family ship will rarely escape the wreck.

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Sexual compatibility Aries and Leo

The same strength of temperament and undisguised sexuality of both partners form the basis of a harmonious union. Relations are fairly even, without excesses and extremes, which does not abolish the strength and depth of feelings. It is very important for Leo to acknowledge his sexual solvency as a partner, and Aries needs the free realization of his innate leadership qualities.

Sexual compatibility Aries and Virgo

The hot and ardent Aries will make an indelible impression on the restrained and shy Virgo, and Aries will conquer her modesty and tact. But such a difference of temperaments will interfere with a successful union. Extravagant sexual preferences of Aries may not meet the understanding of the Virgin. A pleasant connection will develop into a serious relationship or marriage, if both partners show patience and the desire to overcome the emerging contradictions.

Sexual compatibility Aries and Libra

Relationships should be limited to a short communication, but not by marriage. The aggressive nature of Aries is not well combined with the balance and subtlety of Libra. Although both signs show a love of sexual pleasure, the impatience and assertiveness of Aries can lead to debunking it in the eyes of the partner. The joint study provides an insight into the whole subtlety of sensual relationships.

Sexual compatibility Aries and Scorpio

Both signs are characterized by strong temperament and propensity for action, independence and rejection of any control. With a sufficiently high level of relationships, sex can be an incentive for further development, otherwise, the potential of partners will remain undisclosed. Divergences in views will be a good test of the depth of feelings and the strength of the union.

Sexual compatibility Aries and Sagittarius

A favorable combination for prolonged communication or marriage. The couple’s relationship is closely tied to sexual interaction. Positivity and a great sense of Aries humor will help Sagittarius overcome the tendency to despondency and bring the element of the game into the relationship. The conflict between the two partners will manifest themselves in the bedroom, which will not be a hindrance to successful relations in the future.

Sexual compatibility Aries and Capricorn

The restless experimenter Aries and with a cautious attitude to everything new Capricorn is a rather contradictory couple. Capricorn can quite suit one posture in the making of love, or even better, if it happens at a predetermined time. If Aries overcomes the restraint and conservatism of Capricorn, will disclose his sexual potential, marriage to this pair can be unequivocally recommended.
Sexual compatibility Aries

Sexual compatibility Aries and Aquarius

The sexual relationship of this couple is very turbulent, bringing a lot of new sensations. More passive, dreamy and emotional Aquarius recognizes Aries as the leader, if it suits his interests. To maintain the relationship, Aries will have to show an unusual tact for him. If agreement and understanding are reached, marriage will be very successful.

Sexual compatibility Aries and Pisces

The subtle intuition and insight of Pisces necessarily manifested in sexual intercourse, which is sure to intrigue Aries, and the ardor and temperament of the latter will help Pisces overcome natural shyness and exercise their sexual fantasies. The relationship of this couple will be easy and pleasant. If the difference in temperaments does not become an obstacle, both can enjoy a long connection or a happy marriage.

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