Sexual Compatibility Cancer

Sexual Compatibility Cancer

Sexual Compatibility Cancer: In an intimate life, Cancer can not be called too temperamental or inventive lover, but he is perfectly able to feel and even to guess the desires of his partner. In bed, he is able to be gentle and tactful, and is ready to make every effort to give pleasure to a loved one.

Do not forget that Cancer is an esthete and a connoisseur of comfort. In love, it is no less important to the external entourage, ranging from comfortable furniture and ending with suitable music. You can be sure that he will tastefully arrange his love nest, creating an intimate atmosphere of bliss and comfort.

How to satisfy Cancer (the Crab)

Do so that they feel young! They adore youth (followed by Libra and Lions).

The only way for Cancer to overcome sexual desire and stay true is to get into a situation where this is impossible: at work, at a conference, in a hospital where he is immobile due to a cast, or in the arms of his beloved wife.

Best partners

Up to 30 years of best partners, Cancer should be sought among the signs of Scorpio and Pisces. All three are watermarks and require close, passionate and deep emotional connections.

After 30 years, Cancers usually begin to ripen and realize their true identity, becoming more liberal and less Sexual compatibility by signs of the zodiac. Compatibility in sex on horoscope. Cautious. Then they often find compatibility with the energetic signs of Gemini and Virgo. These two signs, ruled by Venus, have a largely youthful vigor and do not consider it humiliating to receive signs of attention, including the gifts of the youths, who are already over 30 years old.

After 40 years, Cancers should fully develop and acquire control over themselves. Then they can be compatible with Capricorn (a highly organized, partly mental sign that is always ready to combine their goals and acquire power with the already settled Cancer).

Assessment of fidelity

In my younger years, it’s bad. The exception is the case when Cancer remains long at home under the guidance of one of the parents, usually the mother, and thus their behavior is not controlled by Cancer itself, but by someone else. In marriage, it is also bad, unless Cancer is not connected with his spouse by common cause or work, when they constantly see each other. The best period of getting fidelity from Cancer is when he is very young and inexperienced, or after 35 years old when he is already a seasoned lover and welcomes the refreshing requirement of fidelity. Cancers are also true to lovers when they are offered luxury and comfort. But this will entail any sign in our age of materialism!

Cancer needs an inverse emotional connection with a partner in bed. They always remember what you like and what does not. Sexual compatibility with Cancer certainly does not occur in every sign of the zodiac. But if you were lucky enough to find harmony with this emotional and gentle sign, then do not forget that in sex you need not only to take, but also to give. Cancer will not tolerate a selfish partner next to you. He also likes to have fun and certainly deserves attention and love.

Sexual compatibility Cancer and Aries

The partners have a strong sexual attraction at first sight. Later, sensitive and adherent to tradition, Raku begin to oppose the adventurous inclinations of Aries and his sarcasm. Aries categorically does not like the proprietary attitude to him of Cancer and jealousy, which, incidentally, he himself provokes. Heavy and complex connection, unsuccessful marriage.

Sexual Compatibility Cancer and Taurus

Cancer complements the terrestrial nature of Taurus with its sensuality and imagination. Taurus gives Cancer so much attention to him, sensitively and patiently perceiving frequent changes in his mood. The similarity of temperaments allows partners to fully satisfy each other’s sexual needs. Good mutual understanding will become the basis for long-term communication or lasting marriage.

Sexual compatibility Cancer and Gemini

Communication with a living, active Gemini, a fan of all kinds of pleasures, increases the uncertainty of Cancer, and the uncontrollable sexuality of the partner gives him a tangible discomfort. Gemini will resent the jealousy of Cancer and attempts to control its activity. Nevertheless, this connection is very emotional, and the difference in temperaments does not prevent long-term relationships.

Sexual Compatibility Cancer and Cancer

Too much similarity is far from always a plus. The increased sensitivity of partners results in emotional problems. Attempts by each to consolidate leadership in sexual relations lead to endless quarrels. But they are very attracted to each other physically, and sensuality is one of the main characteristics of this union. Marriage is possible with good mutual understanding and mutual benevolence.

Sexual compatibility Cancer and Leo

The lion is generous in love and inspires confidence and optimism, which always doubts Raku. But in return he expects from the partner genuine admiration and recognition of his virtues in bed. In sexual relations, he needs to be an unconditional leader. If Cancer agrees to these conditions, then there is no obstacle to fervent passion or a happy marriage.

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Sexual compatibility Cancer and Virgo

More practical by nature Virgo is the leader in this union. Despite the Virgo’s restraint in the field of feelings, the couple’s relationship is characterized by warmth and mutual sympathy. In bed, they experience complete mutual understanding. The only problem for both is shyness, which, in the absence of effort, can lead to boredom. A good option for communication and marriage.

Sexual Compatibility Cancer and Libra

Balanced Weights are not easy to adapt to the often changing mood of Cancer, which feels insecure and anxious about these relationships. Scales try to get away from trouble, but in an alliance with a hypochondriac and touchy Cancer, this rarely succeeds. The beginning of the end means the search for Libra entertainment on the side. A short connection is possible, but not marriage.

Sexual Compatibility Cancer and Scorpio

Scorpio’s leadership and his desire to protect perfectly match the desires and needs of Cancer. Scorpio brings to sex the passion of a strong nature, and Cancer adds sensitivity and depth. Cancer does not give Scorpio grounds for jealousy and is very attentive to the desires of the partner, so many possible problems simply do not arise. Love only grows stronger over time, and communication often grows into a happy marriage.

Sexual Compatibility Cancer and Sagittarius

The goals and desires of this couple are multidirectional. The freedom-loving Sagittarius is not in a position to give Cancer a permanent and confident relationship. Cancer is directed to the future, and Sagittarius gets maximum pleasures from today. The boredom in the relationship will lead to Sagittarius’s search for a partner on the side, which can deeply injure Cancer. Relatively stable relationship with uncertain prospects.

Sexual compatibility Cancer and Capricorn

The arising attraction between the signs causes harmony of sexual relations. However, Cancer does not find in the partner so necessary to him the depth of attachment; in the end, Capricorn’s restraint and equanimity will bore Cancer. Communication is unstable, the forecast for marriage is unfavorable.
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Sexual Compatibility Cancer and Aquarius

A lone by nature and prone to adventurism, Aquarius will become a source of continuing grief for a more stable and sustainable Cancer. Aquarius does not like commitment in the emotional terms and is not at all like one. Sex can temporarily unite this pair, but in the future the difference of characters and attitudes will clearly manifest itself.

Sexual Compatibility Cancer and Pisces

Partners are perfectly suited to each other, both sexually and in other areas. Both are responsive, tied to each other, always ready to help and support. Fish are rarely in the lead in relationships because of the eccentricity manifested in love. Short quarrels end in reconciliation in bed. A great option, both for short-term relationships, and for a long-term alliance.

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