Virgins generally do not accept too hasty entry into close intimate relationships

Sexual Compatibility of Gemini

Twins hate routine and adore everything new, and this fully applies to their behavior in the intimate sphere. In life, they can have many more or less long hobbies, up to partners for one night, and sometimes they are able to twist two novels simultaneously.
A horoscope of sexual compatibility was always made in all ages
They do not have increased sexuality, but their partner will not have to be bored: in bed Gemini is set to experiment. Often their reference book for a while becomes Kama Sutra – at least until they try it in almost everything. However, in love and in marriage, Gemini is primarily looking for a partner is not sexual, and intellectual compatibility.

How to satisfy Gemini

Since Gemini has a very sensitive nervous system, they are very fond of touching. Is it necessary to say here that the Gemini is not constant in love? They often want to curb themselves, but they can not miss the chance to experience something interesting.

Best partners

First of all, I want to say that due to Gemini’s high sensitivity to the influence of circumstances, they are able to get along with all 12 signs, and, of course, many manage to visit 12 astrological bedrooms. But in general, up to 30 years of the best partners, Gemini should be sought among the signs of Libra and Aquarius. All three are aerial signs and up to 30 years they operate with ease, are rather liberal, impermanent and superficial.

After 30 years, the Twins begin to ripen (although more slowly than other signs) and learn their true nature, which becomes less troublesome. Then they often find compatibility with the signs of Taurus and Aries. Taurus offers them stability and companionship, Aries is an excitement and a good model of “I”.

After 40 years, the Twins should already fully develop and acquire the highest intellectual strength and self-control. At this time, they can be compatible with Sagittarius, a mental sign.

Assessment of fidelity

In adolescence – bad, excluding people of those signs that have many planets in four permanent signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. They stabilize the indecisiveness of Gemini. In matrimony – medium. This is one of the real chronic “coquette”.

The best period for acquiring fidelity is complete ignorance, insecurity in your victory. In other words, Gemini fascinates the unattainable. Most they are inclined after 40 years, when they are experienced and tired, when they are ready to describe their adventures, they want someone to wait for them in the evening.

The contradictory sign of the zodiac Gemini is also contradictory in his sexual life. Sexual compatibility will tell you how each sign needs to cope with the dual nature of Gemini. The horoscope highlights the main points, which should be noted when communicating with each Gemini zodiac sign. Sexual compatibility of Gemini is as contradictory as the sign itself. Twins are quite windy and not so interested in sex, as other zodiac signs would like.

Sexual compatibility Gemini and Aries

These two will not be bored in each other’s company. In bed, they will be able to experience the full range of sexual pleasures. The vector in the relationship will be set by Aries, for whom the volatility and capriciousness of Gemini will become an additional highlight. Bright and unforgettable short communication, good forecast for a long happy union.

Sexual compatibility Gemini and Taurus

These signs have few points of contact. Variable and unstable, flirtatious Gemini will cause frequent frustrations for the jealous owner of Taurus, and will defend their right to freedom. In bed, Taurus is not able to provide the partner with the necessary variety, and Gemini can not give Taurus a sense of security and security. The gap will be the logical result of a short communication.

Sexual compatibility Gemini and Gemini

Together, partners can experience many happy moments. Love flares up with a bright flame, but the absence of a stable and guiding beginning leads to disaster. These signs have too much in common – natural impulsiveness, a tendency to flirt, and a rapid satiety. Problems manifest themselves as the physical drive weakens. Rare cases of happy married couples are an exception.

Sexual compatibility Gemini and Cancer

A complex combination. Gemini’s openness and play by feelings can severely injure a serious and sensitive Cancer that needs support and encouragement. Thanks to the secrecy of Cancer, Gemini can never know about his mental suffering. Different temperaments of partners will serve as the reason of dissatisfaction with a sexual life. Communication will gradually come to naught, and the marriage will be unsuccessful.

Sexual compatibility Gemini and Leo

Very harmonious combination. A strong and noble Leo will delight and subdue the emancipation and ingenuity of Gemini, which will play a major role in the relationship. The lion with pleasure will encourage the inexhaustible fantasy of the partner and will not limit it. Delightful relationships may well grow into a long, stable union.

Sexual compatibility Gemini and Virgo

In the eyes of a serious and responsible Virgin Gemini looks immature and infantile, and the Twins consider Dev a boring bore. The ease and windiness of Gemini does not correspond to Virgo’s ideas about a sexual partner. With a decrease in attraction, Gemini will increasingly hear from Virgo criticism in his address, which will prompt him to seek entertainment on the side. The connection is like a dazzling flash that goes out too quickly.

Sexual compatibility Gemini and Libra

Bright and beautiful couple. Equally ardent temperament and love of sexual experiments will give both many pleasant moments. They are not characterized by jealousy and the sense of ownership. Both get true pleasure from this connection, which can grow into a long and happy marriage.

Sexual compatibility Gemini and Scorpio

This couple has good sexual compatibility, but this is the case when the physical attraction is not the determining factor of the relationship. The inconstancy of Gemini only warms up the jealousy of Scorpio, and Scorpio’s attempts to increase control come across the resistance of Gemini. The passion that has flared up at the beginning of the relationship quickly cools, sometimes turning into enmity. Only exceptional individuals will be able to marry.

Sexual compatibility Gemini and Sagittarius

They are united by indefatigability and a propensity for diversity, undemanding to a partner and lack of a sense of ownership. In sexual relations, they do not like to be frank, in addition, the Twins allow themselves to criticize Sagittarius. Suddenly, the connection begins as quickly as possible. Prospects for marriage are good, provided that the development of relations between both partners.

Sexual compatibility Gemini and Capricorn

Freedom and inconstancy Gemini does not find a response in the soul of a calm and conservative Capricorn, and the sexual freedom of a partner can embarrass him a lot. Capricorn, putting at the heart of serious fundamental things – work, money, career – believes that the Gemini in vain sprays their forces. Communication is possible between them; marriage is a rarity.

Sexual compatibility Gemini and Aquarius

Dreaming and fantasies of Aquarius meet the full understanding of sensitive Gemini. In love, both are inventive and love diversity. Relations are unpredictable, but bring both partners inspiration and satisfaction. Part usually friends. Marriage is based more on friendship and personal affection than on passion.

Sexual compatibility Gemini and Pisces

Unusual sexual fantasies of this couple often remain only fantasies. Twins are uncomfortable with the too deep emotions of Pisces, they are accustomed to live, not particularly delving into the subtleties of relationships. Increasing suspicion and mutual distrust between partners slowly but surely destroys communication. Definitely not recommended for marriage.