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Sexual Compatibility Taurus

Taurus loves and appreciates all carnal pleasures, whether it’s delicious food, sweet sleep or good sex. In bed, as in life, he is inherent in thoroughness: perhaps he can not be called a temperamental lover, but he knows exactly how to enjoy himself and deliver it to his partner. His caresses – this is not a rush onslaught, but rather a long love marathon. He has nowhere to hurry, including in bed: attentive and persistent, he knows how to kindle a fire of desires in his partner and is determined to enjoy it to the fullest.

How to Satisfy Taurus

Taurus’s attitude to sex can easily become too prosaic and, when he is not connected with a partner by a deep feeling and when he simply bores him. Taurus does not hesitate to ask their telephone number for any other suitable partners.

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Best partners

Up to 30 years, the most suitable partners are people of characters. Capricorn and the Virgin. All three are earth signs and up to 30 years old they all are looking for random, slightly sexual compatibility on the signs of the zodiac. Compatibility in sex on horoscope. Passive sensual connections. But if Taurus chooses Virgo, he should keep in mind that she is beautiful, but cold, and if Capricorn – that he is a good partner and spouse, but later he will not be able to satisfy him sexually.

After 30 – Taurus begin to grow spiritually and can find a suitable partner among Gemini and Aries. Twins will increase his intelligence, and Aries – fire and energy. Aries and Gemini are quite intelligent signs and, like Taurus, do not soar so high in the clouds. Sometimes it is useful to lower it to the ground, so that he can properly look at his life and change his future in the future.

After 40 years, when Taurus has already acquired the long-awaited prosperity, he is ready for a deeper, more idealistic, spiritual relationship. Here he can be compatible with Scorpio.

Assessment of fidelity

In general, it is always “good”. The Taurus does not like changing. In young years, Taurus are especially true to their friends and relatives. In suppuzhestve their faith is constant and dependent.

Representatives of the sign of the zodiac Taurus are considered sensual natures. In relationships, more real love is important to them than a platonic bond. To have a harmonious sexual compatibility with Taurus you need to find your own approach to it. This will help horoscope of sexual compatibility of Taurus. In sex, Taurus likes to occupy a dominant position. And to push, hurry Taurus can never. His sexual appetite is great, so relax and have fun.

Sexual compatibility Taurus and Aries.

It is difficult to imagine a more unlikely pair. The sensuality and impulsiveness of Aries will be cooled by the tranquility and mundaneity of Taurus. Nevertheless, the clash of such contradictory natures often gives rise to a spark of passion, and if Taurus reconciles with Aries’ infidelity, marriage can become quite successful.

Sexual compatibility Taurus and Taurus.

The similarity of temperament is by no means a guarantee of sexual compatibility. Woman – Taurus is more sensual and romantic, loves to be surrounded by fans and does not tolerate deception. The man is more down to earth, it’s a born ladder man. Not a bad option for a pleasant connection, but about marriage, you need to think carefully.

Sexual compatibility Taurus and Gemini.

Forever changing and unstable Gemini cause genuine interest in a calm and balanced Taurus, and Gemini attracts restraint and confidence of the partner. But soon the slowness of Taurus, his reluctance to improve and learn new things begin to irritate Gemini. Communication is unlikely to be long, marriage also does not bring particular joy.

Sexual compatibility Taurus and Cancer.

In this pair, the romance, sensuality and changeability of Cancer is perfectly complemented by the solidity and reliability of Taurus. Given a harmonious sexual relationship, you can safely predict a strong long-term relationship or a successful marriage with a rich emotional life.

Sexual compatibility Taurus and Leo.

The bright and majestic Leo accepts only the main role in the relationship; in this situation, the sexual life of the couple will be fairly harmonious. However, the fiery passionate Leo will sooner or later cease to arrange restraint and egocentrism of the partner, which can significantly complicate the relationship. Not a very good combination for a long relationship or marriage.

Sexual compatibility Taurus and Virgo.

Sex issues can be the main stumbling block in this couple’s relationship. The love and tirelessness of Taurus will be confronted by the restraint of the Virgin, who also adheres to the principles of moderation and simplicity. The remaining problems for these signs are not significant. When the partners reach a compromise it is quite possible to have a long connection or a stable marriage.

Sexual compatibility Taurus and Libra.

In this alliance the leading role is played most often by Taurus. The partner-Libra will be responsible for the emotional side, treat Taurus with warmth and understanding, take into account his needs. The sensuality and perseverance of Taurus will help the couple achieve mutual satisfaction. Good prospects for sustainable long-term relationships.

Sexual compatibility Taurus and Scorpio.

Due to the same temperament and lack of communication needs on the side, the partners are completely absorbed by each other. However, their quarrels are always stormy, since Scorpio’s fierce anger invariably encounters Taurus’s obstinacy and impenetrability. Marriage is possible, if only both partners are ready to show unusual tolerance for each other.

Sexual compatibility Taurus and Sagittarius.

In bed, this pair is excellent – the sexuality of Taurus is well combined with the sensuality and eroticism of Sagittarius. Dimitry relations will be the constant attempts of Sagittarius to seek love on the side. Taurus will seek to control and limit his freedom-loving partner, which, incidentally, will not bring success. For a fickle Sagittarius, the role of a passionate lover is much more suitable than an exemplary family man.

Sexual compatibility Taurus and Capricorn.

Partners are equally attractive to each other and have a similar temperament. Both are not supporters of immoderation and experiments in sexual life. Taurus will annoy the natural secretiveness of Capricorn, but his attempts to insist on his will remain unsuccessful. Partner relationships are devoid of romance and violent passions, but sensual love can be a good basis for a lasting, lasting alliance.

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Sexual compatibility Taurus and Aquarius.

The partners have different needs for physical relationships. Aquarius willingly prefers violent sex intellectual conversation, which, of course, does not suit Taurus, who will be accused of exacting and biased. Partners can temporarily combine the desire of Aquarius to master the technique of sex under the guidance of sensual and understanding sense in the delights of Taurus. Both communication and marriage, most likely, will not last long.

Sexual compatibility Taurus and Pisces.

In the achievement of sexual harmony, the main role belongs to Taurus. A living temperament and rich imagination of Pisces can be a challenge for him. However, having shown persistence and tact, supporting and encouraging Pisces, Taurus can discover new, previously unknown to him, aspects of sexual relations. Between these signs is quite possible fervent communication, it is also a good option for marriage.

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